What is rhinopharyngitis?

What Does rhinopharyngitis Mean

Rhinopharyngitis is the name for the disease known as the common cold . The concept is associated with the rhinopharynx or nasopharynx , which is the sector of the pharynx that is next to the nostrils and above the soft palate.

Rhinopharyngitis is a disease caused by the action of a virus in the upper respiratory system . The virus causes an infection that usually lasts between three and ten days, although certain symptoms can last up to a month.
Although rhinopharyngitis resolves spontaneously, there are several drugs that help minimize discomfort. Importantly, the common cold can cause headache , runny nose , rhinitis , sneezing , cough, and sore throat .

The most common tendency of treatments against rhinopharyngitis is to get the body to respond by activating its immune system , to recover through its natural defenses. On the other hand, since the symptoms can become very annoying or interfere with our obligations , it never hurts to have some medicine that quickly restores our strength to continue with our day to day. It is worth mentioning that even the most efficient products require a minimum of rest; in fact, the most powerful tend to cause drowsiness.
On the other hand, there are a large number of home remedies to treat rhinopharyngitis, although their effectiveness depends largely on the consistency of the patient: to achieve an effect of intensity comparable to that of a drug, several more doses are usually necessary. Let's look at some examples below:
* gargle with warm water and salt or baking soda. It is one of the most recommended home treatments, especially to reduce a sore throat and directly attack infections , such as canker sores, which can generate discomfort that is very difficult to bear;
* Garlic gargles can have similar effects , but their properties are much more varied and effective against rhinopharyngitis. For example, it is an excellent antiseptic, making it ideal for treating any infection. Some studies indicate that consuming 2.5 grams of garlic per day can shorten the duration of the cold by more than 60%;
* Boil water and let it warm, then add two small chopped tomatoes (without their seeds) and blend the mixture, which should be drunk slowly;
* Thyme is an herb that offers special benefits in the fight against rhinopharyngitis. For its consumption it is recommended to take a tablespoon in a cup of hot water and let the infusion rest for a quarter of an hour, strain it and mix it with lemon juice. Gargle with half of the preparation and drink the rest throughout the day, divided into three doses, to soothe pain and inflammation .

While most people do not give much thought to rhinopharyngitis, professionals who depend on the voice to work, a group in which we find announcers and singers, tend to fear it especially. To minimize the risk of getting rhinopharyngitis, the essential thing is to strengthen the immune system . Maintaining a healthy diet, not smoking or drinking excess alcohol, washing your hands well and resting properly are some of the keys. The infections of rhinopharyngitis, in any case, are very frequent, especially in winter.
Although it is a mild disease, rhinopharyngitis has a high social incidence and is among the most common causes of absenteeism from work and school. Those who contract rhinopharyngitis must rest and be isolated from others to avoid spreading the infection .
It should be noted that rhinopharyngitis is not the same as the flu , a more serious viral illness that includes muscle aches and fever . It should also be taken into account that rhinopharyngitis, by weakening the immune system, can lead to another more serious infection.

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