What is retreat?

What Does retreat Mean

Withdrawal is the action and result of withdrawing or withdrawing (leaving an activity; getting an individual to leave; pushing someone or something away). Spiritual , on the other hand, is that linked to the spirit (the soul or the immaterial gift that a divinity grants to people).

The notion of spiritual retreat is used to name the practice that involves taking time away from daily obligations and material affairs to devote oneself to prayer or meditation .
Retreat is generally considered to be a way of getting closer to God or to oneself . Through concentration, relaxation and prayer, a person can put aside his earthly problems and indulge in higher issues.

From the religious sphere, this type of spiritual retreat is greatly encouraged since it is considered to be a great tool to achieve a long list of benefits from the point of view of faith: it allows treating God with more closeness and intensity, gives the opportunity to get to know him more thoroughly and discover him fully, helps to strengthen faith and allow it to become a guide in life ...
To achieve these objectives, spiritual retreats are developed based on a series of principles such as the following:

-They are carried out in spaces where silence reigns and where it is away from the bustle of the frenetic pace of life in the cities.

-It is necessary for the person to be as lonely as possible, so that they can not only listen to God but also to themselves.

-The established programming will include, in the same way, talks and meditations in common to know the different points of view of the rest of the participants, to exchange impressions, to enrich each other through the word of God ...

-People who attend directly can contact the priests who are present so that they can guide them in certain aspects in which they come to find an answer.

-As you might imagine, masses are celebrated daily to receive the Lord, to strengthen beliefs, to receive communion…

-Neither are there other activities such as the Way of the Cross, spiritual reading or the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.
It should be noted that a spiritual retreat can involve both individual activities and group proposals. It is common for these retreats to be organized and promoted by religious authorities or spiritual leaders who are in charge of promoting different proposals within the framework of the retreat. In this way, group talks are developed or projects shared among the attendees are faced.
Generally, spiritual retreats are held in secluded and quiet places to make it easier for people to focus and relax. In the places where spiritual retreats take place, peace usually reigns and, on many occasions, silence. It also seeks to promote contact with nature .

It is important to note that a spiritual retreat can last from a weekend to several weeks or months , depending on the case.

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