What is resonance?

What Does resonance Mean

Resonance is a term that has its origin in the Latin word resonantĭa . This word can be translated as “quality of the one who makes something sound repeatedly” and it is established that it is made up of several perfectly recognizable components:

-The prefix “re-”, which means “backwards” or “again”.

-The verb “sonare”, which is synonymous with “sonar”.

-The “-nt-” element, which is used to indicate the existence of an agent.

-The suffix "-ia", which is responsible for recording the "quality".

The first meanings recognized by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) are linked to sound : it is its prolongation, the repercussion generated by another or the elementary sound that follows the main one produced by a musical note.
For mechanics , resonance is the phenomenon that takes place when an element is influenced by a periodic force that has a period of vibration similar to the period of vibration characteristic of the element in question. Thus, a small force that is repeatedly applied causes the amplitude of the oscillating system to be enlarged.

The electrical resonance , moreover, is generated when, in a circuit with reactive elements, there is an alternating current whose frequency causes the reactance becomes infinite (if the reactive elements are placed in parallel) or terminated (when placed in Serie).
Within the medical field, magnetic resonance imaging has achieved considerable importance in recent years since, thanks to the performance of the test, more accurate and reliable diagnoses can be made, because certain parts of the body and their damages can be better observed than with a simple X-rays would not be glimpsed.
In this case, this type of resonance is identified by these other hallmarks:

-It does not use any type of radiation. In his case, powerful radio waves and magnets are used.

-All the images obtained through the use of resonance respond to the name of cuts.

-It is important for the person who is going to have an MRI to go without any type of metallic object.

-The process is very simple: the patient, dressed in a hospital gown, will have to lie down on a stretcher and this will slide smoothly into a large tube that looks like a tunnel.
Nuclear magnetic resonance is known as a phenomenon that is based on certain properties of the nuclei of atoms. From these properties, images of the composition and structure of a body can be obtained . Doctors use this technique to diagnose various pathologies, such as cancer.
Finally, the notion of resonance is used with reference to the repercussions produced by an event . For example: "The sayings of the Spanish president had a great resonance in our country" , "The triumph of the Czech tennis player generated resonance throughout the world" , "I thought that this news was going to have more resonance, but it went almost unnoticed" .

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