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What Does request Mean

Requirement is the act and consequence of requiring . This verb , which has its etymological origin in the Latin term requirĕre , refers to requesting, asking for, advising or needing something .

Confusions often arise between this term and requirement ; However, according to a text prepared by the Fundéu ( Urgent Spanish Foundation ), which receives the advice of the Royal Spanish Academy to work intensively on the dissemination of the proper use of our language, the words requirement and requirement have easy meanings to distinguish.
Relying in part on the definitions offered by the RAE dictionary, Fundéu points out that a requirement is "a condition or circumstance necessary to meet a certain objective or to obtain a specific result"; Requirement , on the other hand, is an action, so it is not a list of demands but rather the act of demanding, as expressed in the examples and meanings that are proposed below.

For example: "I ask you to sign this form: it is a requirement of the administrative sector" , "At the request of the prosecution, the witness will return to give a statement in the next few hours" , "What is the hardware requirement to install this Program?" .
A requirement, therefore, is something that is demanded or demanded of someone . Suppose a soccer club conducts a test to add new players to its roster. The leaders establish, as a requirement, that applicants must be 20 years of age or less and present a medical certificate confirming their good health. This means that those who do not comply with this requirement will not be able to participate in the test.
In the field of computing , a requirement is a requirement that software has to function correctly. The Windows 7 operating system , to name one case, has the following requirements: 1 GHz microprocessor , 16 GB of available space on the hard disk (also known as hard disk ), video card ( graphics card ) with DirectX capability 9c and a 1 GB RAM memory . A computer ( computer ) that does not have this basic hardware, will not be able to run Windows 7 smoothly.
It is important to note that the use of the term requirement is not entirely correct in this case, since it is not an action , but a condition (or list of conditions) for a program to run properly on a device; therefore, the use of requirement is more appropriate . The reason for this confusion, found everywhere on computer and video game sites, is the resemblance of the requirement to the English term requirements , which is defined in the Cambridge dictionary as "something you must do or need."

The requirements for running a program or game on a computer are usually divided into two groups: the minimum and the recommended . In the case of video games it is easier to understand this differentiation, since meeting the minimum requirements we can enjoy the story without technical problems such as slowing down, while with the recommended ones we are prepared to experience all the special effects (particle simulation, dynamic lighting, etc.) and also the maximum resolution available in our equipment.
It is worth mentioning that most of the time it is possible to run a program with a configuration lower than the minimum requirements, even without negative consequences, since the combinations of components are almost infinite and the performance depends largely on the maintenance of the computer by the user. your owner.
Finally, for the law , a requirement is a judicial act that obliges us to do or stop doing something. It can also be a notification that requires someone to speak up on an issue.

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