What is reproach?

What Does reproach Mean

The etymology of baldón takes us to the old French bandon , in turn derived from the franco bann (which can be translated as “command” ). A baldness is an offense or a grievance .

The concept can refer to an injury , but also to the thing or the individual that constitutes an offense. For example: "I am not going to tolerate such a loss, I demand an apology" , "This footballer is a loss for our institution" , "According to analysts, the leader will bear the loss of having been, for many, the worst governor of history ” .
A baldness can be an affront or an insult . It is possible to say that hunger is a waste in the modern world, taking into account that today food is produced to feed all of humanity and, nevertheless, millions of people continue to die from malnutrition . Hunger, therefore, is an insult to the human condition, since it shows a problem of values ​​that is not solved. We should all be offended and outraged that people die from not having access to food, when food production is more than enough to meet global needs.

Similarly, it could be argued that wars are a waste to civilization. That at this point in history there are still leaders and peoples willing to settle their conflicts by force, causing numerous human and material losses through violent actions, is inexcusable. The human being should already know that dialogue and respect are the paths to follow to live in peace.
Throughout this definition, we have mentioned some of the most common synonyms for the word baldness , such as insult and injury . However, the list is much longer, and includes some terms more typical of the written language, as can be seen below: disgrace, dishonor, blur, stain, degradation, infamy , stain , stigma and outrage .
It should be noted that the term baldón has another meaning, which is not included in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy: it can be used as a synonym for curtain skirt , a piece of fabric smaller than the main one that is placed on top with a decorative purpose rather than functional. Curtain balls are relatively inexpensive and simple products, but they can add considerable beauty to a room .
The first thing that a curtain rod brings is movement, one of the fundamental factors of a well decorated room. In addition, it gives a greater depth to an element that usually does not stand out for this property. The curtain can have various functions: although it is normal to place it to reduce the amount of light and heat that enters the room, it can also be used to tint the light of a particular hue or decorate the environment both with your own design and with the shadows that it casts on it.

To choose a suitable baldón, several of the same parameters as for the curtain must be taken into account: the size of the window , its dimensions, the direction in which its leaves open and the room in which it is located. If the window is opened outwards, the curtains receive less wear and tear and it does not matter that they are heavy; If you are in a kitchen, the grease from food inevitably gets on your fabric, so choose a material that is easy to wash and resistant to stains.
In any case, the curtain wall is one more element to maintain, which is why it is recommended only to those who clean the room frequently enough, since otherwise it can become a source of mites .

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