What is repair?

What Does repair Mean

A spare is a remodeling or restoration of something. When a house is renovated, its structure is modified . For example: "The renovation of the offices will cost more than 200,000 pesos" , "Claudia is pregnant, so we are thinking of a renovation of the house so that the baby has a room" , "The leaders of the club plan the renovation of the head office ” .

There are many infrastructures that can be subjected to a renovation. On the one hand, any construction (a building, a house, an industrial plant, etc.) can be refurbished when it is necessary to introduce a change or repair any sector.

A street, a pier, an airport and a bridge can also be the object of a renovation: “The street is closed due to renovation works” , “After the repair of the dock, the fishermen returned to the town en masse” , “Los new security criteria require a refurbishment of the airport ” , “ Thanks to the latest repairs, the bridge is no longer in danger ” .
A part-time loan , on the other hand, is one that is delivered for the repair or acquisition of a property or for the purchase of machinery, leaving the acquired as collateral. Its characteristics, however, depend on each bank .
It should not be overlooked either that in Cuba this term is used that we are analyzing with a different meaning. Specifically, in that country it is used to refer to the expense that the owner of a farm costs to maintain it.
Likewise, it must also be taken into account that there is another meaning of this same word that is found in relation to the figures that operate within the ecclesiastical sphere. Exactly when this term was used it was to refer to the restitution that was made to the ecclesiastical power of the part with which it had contributed to what were the real rights from which it was absolutely exempt.
The concept, beyond this meaning, also has other meanings according to the geographical region. It can be a spare part , a light meal eaten with the aim of recovering energy, or a reward that, according to certain circumstances, was given to the military.
In the case of its meaning as a part, we can say that the spare part would be directly the spare part that exists for a component of any machine that needs to be used because the latter, due to daily use, has been damaged or is too worn. Hence, it is essential to proceed to change it so that the aforementioned machinery can work in the usual way.
Specifically in Mexico and Honduras is where the word that occupies us with this last and mentioned meaning is used. Hence, there are numerous companies that are dedicated precisely to offering their customers spare parts so that they can ensure that certain systems they have are in perfect condition after some type of breakdown. Thus, for example, it is common to talk about spare tires.

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