What is renal?

What Does renal Mean

The Latin word renālis derived in our language from the adjective renal . A Latin word that was formed from the sum of two clearly differentiated parts: the noun "ren - renis", which is synonymous with "kidney", and the suffix "-al", which is used to indicate "relative to ”.

The term refers to what is linked to the kidneys : these are the organs that filter waste present in the blood and secrete urine. Usually they meet in pairs.
In humans , the kidneys are at the level of the lumbar vertebrae , one on each side of the spine. These organs are reddish and represent about 1% of the weight of an individual.

Among the renal functions are the excretion of waste filtrates blood through the urine; regulation of blood pressure and homeostasis; the reabsorption of electrolytes and the secretion of different hormones.
The concept of kidney disease is associated with disorders that occur in the functioning of the kidneys. Most of these drawbacks have to do with the nephrons, which are the basic structural units of these organs .
Many kidney diseases make the kidneys unable to filter waste properly. Pathologies can be genetic, related to intoxication or derived from trauma .
If the kidneys are not able to filter waste normally, the person suffers from what is called kidney failure . It is possible to differentiate between chronic kidney failure (a slow, progressive, and irreversible decline in kidney function) and acute kidney failure (occurs suddenly, for example, after an accident). When kidney failure is advanced, the patient may need to undergo dialysis treatment or even receive a kidney transplant .
There are various causes that are considered responsible for any person having to cope with kidney failure, which is the final stage in the progressive and gradual deterioration of the kidneys. However, it is believed that the most common origins of this situation are the following:

-Diabetes, which is responsible for this disease in 40% or 50% of the cases that occur annually throughout the world.

-Hemolytic uremic syndrome. This disease is also found under the acronym SUH, which is also considered to be the cause of kidney failure. It must be stated that this pathology is caused by a bacterium called "Escherichia coli O157: H7", which is also responsible for cases of high blood pressure and even serious neurological damage.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that, although the reason is not known for sure, it has been found that black Americans and even those of Hispanic American origins are more likely to suffer from kidney failure.
More and more work and research is being done on kidney diseases, leading to advances such as living donor crossover kidney transplants that take place between people, donor and recipient, who are compatible.

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