What is remission?

What Does remission Mean

In Latin it is where we find the etymological origin of the word remission. In this sense we can say that it emanates from “remissio”, which is the result of the sum of three components:

• The prefix “re-”, which indicates “backwards”.

• The term “missus”, which can be translated as “sent”.

• The suffix “-sion”, which is used to refer to “action and effect”.

Referral is a term that is related to the verb refer . This action can be associated with sending something to an individual who is elsewhere, with waiving a penalty or a charge , or limiting oneself to doing or saying what one has committed to.
The referral, therefore, may refer to this action itself or its consequences. For example: "Check the branch of the north has finalized the transfer of the papers" , "I answered criticism from the opposition, demonstrating my reference to the intrinsic work my office" , "The convict asked for a referral the pain to be able to be with his sick son ” .

In the field of law , it is known as a referral to the action decided by a subject who abdicates a right that he or she possesses against another individual, which makes this second person free to pay off his debt.
In this sense, we cannot ignore what is known as remission of sentence. This is a term that is used to refer to the fact that part of the effective time spent in prison is “forgiven” because the inmate has had a good behavior and, at the same time, has taken actions to reintegrate. in society.
Thus, for example, to proceed with the remission of the sentence, activities such as carrying out a school year, collaborating in the different tasks of the penitentiary, taking part in different training workshops ...
In the same way there is what is known as a conditional referral. This occurs when the judicial authority establishes to suspend what would be the custodial sentences. For this to occur, it is important that the offender has committed a crime for the first time, that he has already satisfied what were the civil responsibilities that had been established and also that the prison sentence is not more than two years.
Under these circumstances, the relevant judge may proceed to grant you the aforementioned type of referral.
For medicine , a remission of a disease occurs when the disorder appears as inactive in those who suffer from a chronic disease. If the remission surprises the physician by being unexpected or by not following the usual clinical patterns, it is called spontaneous remission .
Spontaneous remissions can occur for various reasons, such as a mistake by the medical professional when diagnosing the characteristics of the disease, the positive consequences generated in a patient by ingesting a placebo, or even causes that cannot be explained by science or the rational (like those cures attributed to a miracle).

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