What is reluctant?

What Does reluctant Mean

The etymology of the term reluctant leads us to the Latin language. The closest antecedent is found in the word reactum . "Reactum" must be determined that it is made up of two parts: the prefix "re", which can be translated as "backwards", and the noun "actum", which is equivalent to "action". This word, in turn, comes from reagĕre (which can be translated as "react" ). Reluctant is the adjective that is applied to one who opposes or resists something .

For example: "I am reluctant to public displays of affection" , "I am sorry to tell you that my father is reluctant to tributes" , "Ricardo is reluctant to this type of action, but he knows that there are not many options left" .

Whoever is reluctant exerts some kind of resistance against a behavior, an event, an action, etc. If a person does not like social gatherings, it can be said that they are reluctant to such events. In practice, this tendency will reveal itself when the person in question declines invitations or leaves early from the events they finally attend, to name a few possibilities.
That someone is reluctant to something does not mean that they are completely opposed . A young person may be reluctant to practice sports, but if his friends invite him to play soccer , he can accept to spend some time with them, even if he does not like the activity very much.
Although there are people who are reluctant to one thing or another, it is believed that a high percentage of individuals share being reluctant to the changes that appear in their lives. Specifically, it is established that this is motivated by several specific aspects, such as these:

-Because the haven of tranquility and security in which you live is left aside, considering that you have everything under control.

-Because stress increases dramatically, given the changes that are coming and the uncertainties that are associated with them.

-Because there is a fear of failure as that could cause harm.

-Because you can reach a limit where everything is in the air and there is no security of anything.

-Because it can mean ending a good stage and even having to say goodbye to people for whom you feel appreciation.
An individual or an organization, ultimately, can be reluctant up to a certain point. Due to some kind of pressure or motivation , they may change their posture. A government may be reluctant to raise taxes but, in the absence of funds to carry out public works and to pay debts, it is forced to increase rates. This does not minimize or devalue your initial intention, since reality is dynamic and changing.
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