What is relevance?

What Does relevance Mean

Relevance is the characteristic of what is relevant (that is, that is fundamental, transcendent or substantial). What is relevant, therefore, is important .

For example: "There is no great controversy about this issue: it was hardly a discussion without relevance" , "The relevance of the matter was evident when the president of the club gave his opinion on the matter in a press conference" , "The mayor promised to hire an artist of relevance to perform in the celebrations for the anniversary of the city ” .
In many cases, the relevance of something is obvious . In a country whose tourism industry generates 72% of the wealth, no one would dispute the relevance of tourism to the local economy.

In other contexts, however, relevance is a much more subjective matter . A literary critic may consider that a certain writer has relevance in the national intellectual scene, while another may assure that the same author is not important but that he is just someone who is intelligent or skilled at selling his work.
At present, it must be said that the term relevance is very commonly used to refer to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ...). Specifically, it not only establishes the important role that these have in the daily life of any citizen from an entertainment point of view, who uses them almost as a public newspaper, but also to inform themselves.
And the fact is that the number of people who resort to these platforms and applications of the Internet has grown considerably to find out what is happening in the world and in the sectors for which they feel more interest, be it politics, culture, economy, the sport…
They have that information through tweets from other users and also through what is known as a trending topic. This is a term, also called a topic of relevance or a trend topic, which is used to refer to the most important issues of the moment around the world, about which the most is talked about on social networks.
Thus, Twitter is where you can discover the list of trending topics of the moment around the world. That is, the issues that are the most relevant at that moment. Examples of issues that have reached this category are from the goals of Lionel Messi to the results of the elections in Spain, through cases of political corruption or the launching of new singles or video clips by the best-known artists.
It is known as orographic relevance to the indicator rate the importance of a mountain in the context of a nation or a region. It is a scale whose score goes up to 100 .
For accounting , relevance is one of the qualitative characteristics that accounting data should have, such as comparability and reliability. Accounting relevance refers to the fact that the information must be of sufficient importance to exert some kind of influence on the decision-making of those who may use it.

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