What is relations?

What Does relations Mean

Originating from the Latin term relatĭo , the concept of relationship has multiple uses. It is, for example, the exposition that becomes a fact. In the sense of a story , a relationship is, in literature , the narration of the events of a trip. For musical folklore, in countries like Argentina and Uruguay , a relationship is a type of dialogue in verse between the man and the woman .

In the same way we also find what is known as public relations. A term that is used to refer to a professional activity carried out by a person consisting of, through communication techniques and tools, making known and giving prestige to various companies or businesses.
On the other hand, a relationship is a correspondence or connection between something or someone with something else or another person . In this way, the notion of relationship is used in various sciences to explain all kinds of phenomena.

In colloquial language, relationships refer especially to the affective or sexual bond that people maintain. There are friendship relationships, work relationships, and family relationships, among many others.
Talking about relationships is, many times, talking about sexual relationships . For example: "Armando told me that he had relationships with Claudia . " The sexual relationship is the set of more or less complex behaviors carried out by two or more beings of the same or different sex, and which usually end in intercourse.
In this sense, relationships can be heterosexual, homosexual, ménage à trois (threesome) or group, for example. There are other classifications, such as prenuptial relationships, extramarital relationships, or marital relationships.
The aforementioned premarital relationships are those that are established between the two members of a couple that is going to get married. Specifically, it is about the sexual practices that they carry out prior to becoming spouses. However, it is also considered that the aforementioned premarital relationships can refer to the intimate relationships that each of them maintains with other people before going through the altar.
Many religions, such as the Catholic one, are totally against premarital relations. Moreover, he brands them as sin and that is why he prohibits them.
For their part, the so-called extramarital affairs, as the name suggests, are those that occur outside of marriage. This means that the husband or wife engages in sexual practices with other people, which can be classified as infidelity. However, it may happen that they are relationships consented to by the husband or wife as long as they are considered an “open marriage”.
In addition to all the above, we have to emphasize that there is a television series called "Relationships". Documentary type is this production that appeared on the small screen at the end of the 70s and whose clear objective is to carry out a review of the evolution of science.

Finally, it should be noted that the idea of ​​relationship refers to influential friends or acquaintances : "He became president of the company thanks to his relationships" (that is, success is justified by ties).

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