What is regularization?

What Does regularization Mean

Regularization is the process and consequence of regularizing . This verb refers to normalize, order, regulate or systematize something . For example: "The Government will promote the regularization of the craft fairs" , "The tax regularization of the company will take time: there were many years of lack of control" , "All States should commit to the regularization of immigration . "

What is done when regularizing something is adapting it or adapting it to a certain framework . In general, regularization refers to ensuring that something is in accordance with what is established by a law , a norm or a rule.

Take the case of a group of people who usually settle on a street to offer homemade food. Due to the difficulty to control the hygiene conditions of the products and to collect the corresponding taxes, the government will seek the regularization of the activity. In this way, it organizes the operation of an open-air market in a park . People interested in offering their products must register in advance and are assigned a specific position.
The regular can also be understood as opposition to the irregular . A company that carries out its activity in an irregular manner must carry out a series of steps and submit to certain requirements in order to be in a position to enter the current regulatory framework. This process will be its regularization: that is, that which allows it to abandon its irregular condition.
Within the field of economics, the term regularization at hand is also used. Specifically, in this sector it is used to define an accounting process that basically consists of determining the result of the economic unit in a specific period of time. In order to carry it out, it is necessary to have all the data regarding provisions, deterioration, stocks, entries, management account balances ...
We cannot forget that, in the same way, there is what is called cadastral regularization. This comes to be the process through which it is sought to incorporate into what is the Real Estate Cadastre what are Urban and Rustic Properties with construction as well as the set of modifications that may have been presented. In this way, it is achieved that the cadastral description of the real estate is fully adjusted to what is reality.
In Spain there is a specific procedure for the interested parties to carry out the usual process, which is carried out by municipality and under very specific deadlines, in order to achieve the most efficient and effective result in this regard. Specifically, the criteria to undertake it will be adjusted respecting the Real Estate Cadastre Law.
In the field of quantum physics , a method that is used to work with divergent or infinite results is known as regularization.
Nowadays, in addition, the term regularization is often used to refer to immigrants. And it is that it consists of the process by which it is achieved that foreigners who arrive in a country can register, get a job ...

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