What is reggaeton?

What Does reggaeton Mean

If you look for the concept of reggaeton in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) , you will notice that the term is not recognized by the entity. It is, however, a word that has become very popular in recent years.

Reggaeton or reggaeton is a genre of music that combines reggae with rap and hip hop . It emerged in Central America in the late 1980s , but it took about twenty years to become popular and reach other regions of the world. It is believed that Panamanian artists began to take elements of reggae in Spanish, added rap components and developed this rhythm .

For example: “My son's favorite music is reggaeton” , “Controversy over a reggaeton song that offends women” , “I can't stand reggaeton: I like reggae much more” .
According to some versions, the American singer (of Puerto Rican parents) Vico C was the one who coined the term reggaetón. Outside the field of music, one of the main characteristics of the genre is that its lyrics are socially denounced. The artists usually look for the songs to be easy to remember and catchy, but they also include stories about social problems and comments about the difficulties experienced in Latin America . There are also songs with sexual and explicit content.
In addition to all the above, we would have to expose another important series of hallmarks of this musical style, among which the following stand out:

• Its rhythm is called “Dem Bow” and it is produced electronically.

• It has a marked recitative style.

• The most common instruments used to make reggaeton are the electronic keyboard, synthesizer, sampler, and drum machine.
Here are some of the world's best-known reggaeton singers, who usually sell thousands of records and perform in large stadiums.
She was born in New York and has music in her blood: her mother worked as a singer in a merengue group and only stopped her activities when she was seven months pregnant. But the United States was not the setting in which Arcangel grew up, but Puerto Rico, where he led a humble childhood but always in direct contact with his passion. Once he completed his studies, he began to dedicate himself with all his energy to pursuing his dream, and little by little he succeeded, until he became a respected figure in the world of Reggaeton.

Daddy yankee
He began to be interested in music when he was twelve years old, and his first steps in singing were inspired by Hip Hop and Reggae. The public figure Daddy Yankee was born thanks to the collaboration , years later, with the producer called DJ Playero, and among the styles that this Puerto Rican singer has explored so far is Dancehall. Some of the nicknames by which his followers also recognize him are 30-30 and King of Improvisation (the latter thanks to having been the winner of the Street Jam Reggae Awards five years in a row).
Don Omar .
This artist was born in Puerto Rico in 1978, and since he began his career he has achieved numerous awards such as the Premio Lo Nuestro for the best reggaeton artist, several MTV Latino, several Latin Billboard or several People's Choice Reggaeton Awards. Among his best-known and most important songs so far are “Dale Don Más Duro”, “Dale Don Dale”, “Salió el Sol”, “Virtual Diva” ...
J Alvarez.
This singer is also from Puerto Rico, really named Javier David Álvarez Fernández. It is identified by having great acceptance by the public, as evidenced by its top positions in the sales lists. Among his most important creations are "The question", "We change your game", "Love in practice" ...
Ñengo Flow
Es un cantante y compositor de Reggaetón y Hip Hop nacido en Puerto Rico. Se destaca especialmente por la complejidad de sus letras y por la velocidad de sus canciones. La música urbana llamó su atención desde su infancia, y fue a partir de su vida cotidiana en su ciudad natal que tomó los elementos para escribir sus primeras canciones. A los 14 años descubrió su vocación, mientras participaba por primera vez de una muestra pública en su barrio.
Wisin & Yandel
Se trata de un dúo puertorriqueño que también se conoce como W & Y, El Dúo Dinámico y El Dúo de la Historia. Si bien en la actualidad son dos de los más importantes músicos de Reggaetón, han debido recorrer un largo camino desde sus orígenes; Yandel estudió teatro e interpretación y Wisin era peluquero, pero su pasión por la música los llevó a buscar su lugarcito en los escenarios. En el año 1998 comenzaron a saborear el éxito y dos años más tarde publicaron su primer álbum, de título «Los Reyes del Nuevo Milenio«.
Además de todo lo expuesto tenemos que destacar la existencia en España de Juan Magán, es un cantante, compositor y productor que también está consiguiendo un gran éxito en todo el mundo a sus obras, que apuestan por géneros como el electrolatino o el reggaetón. En concreto, es conocido gracias a canciones tales como “Ella no sigue modas”, “Se vuelve loca”, “Bailando por ahí”…

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