What is Reflux?

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What Does Reflux Mean

Reflux is a term with several meanings. According to what the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) points out through its dictionary, it is about the movement that occurs when the tide goes down .

In this sense, ebb is the horizontal movement made by the tide when it retreats. The opposite would be the flow , which is the movement of the rising tide.
In laboratory work , reflux is what is done by heating a reaction so that the processes are carried out at a temperature that exceeds room temperature, something that allows to avoid the loss of the solvent.

The gastroesophageal reflux , meanwhile, is a disorder that occurs in digestion . When a person eats food, it enters through the mouth, crosses the pharynx and esophagus, and reaches the stomach, where they combine with gastric juices. Reflux involves the return to the esophagus of food already mixed with gastric juices .
Babies are the ones who usually have reflux. It is considered that during the first six months of life, it is frequent that, after meals, they carry out these regurgitations, which are the result of the fact that their digestive system is not yet mature.
There are many advices that it is recommended to carry out so that the little ones can not be harmed by the aforementioned refluxes and these can stop appearing in the shortest possible time. Specifically, you should bet that their parents undertake the following measures:

-When breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it is important that it be done calmly, proceeding, every certain period of time, to remove the food and take it upright. so you can burp.

-Both when he is eating as when he is placed in the crib to sleep, it is necessary that his head is always higher than the rest of the body. Why? Because backflows are avoided.

-In cases in which it is considered that the child's reflux is out of all normality, it is advisable to consult the pediatrician so that he can examine him and establish some guidelines or treatment, if necessary. And there are babies who, as a consequence of the frequency and abundance of those, have to face complications in what is the respiratory system and even esophagitis. This comes to be, as its name suggests, in a palpable irritation of the esophagus.
On the other hand, it should be known that due to the presence of acids in gastric juices, the esophagus becomes irritated . The subject, therefore, will have trouble swallowing food, will have a burning sensation, and may suffer from a chronic cough. Permanent irritation of the esophagus can even lead to other diseases , so gastroesophageal reflux must be treated.
Reflux can be caused by the action of certain drugs, the intake of certain foods (such as chocolate or coffee), increased pressure in the abdomen (overweight, pregnancy, tight clothing), smoking or various diseases. The most common treatment includes the provision of medications and changes in diet .

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