What is reflection?

What Does reflection Mean

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) mentions several meanings of the word reflection , which comes from the Latin term reflexĭo . The first is associated with the verb reflect , which consists of analyzing something carefully.

For example: "I have not yet read the president's reflection on the Iranian attack" , "It would be important that people give themselves to reflection before making hasty decisions that always lead to chaos" , "Without reflection, there can never be forgiveness . "
For philosophy , reflection is an activity that is carried out to take consideration of something , meditating and thinking about it.

Reflection, therefore, can be such thought activity, but also its material expression . A letter or a journalistic note, in this sense, can be reflections.
Also in the field of sound we speak of reflection. In this specific case, this concept is synonymous with the process by which a wave can be reflected or absorbed. These actions will be carried out by the one when it encounters an obstacle that it is impossible to cross or surround.
In this aforementioned field, reflection is closely related to a series of elements that are the ones that cause this action to have form and meaning. Thus, in particular, we can state that among those, both the echo and the so-called standing waves and the well-known phenomenon of reverberation stand out.
Finally, it must be added that in the field of sound the aforementioned reflection is widely used in the development of musical events because thanks to it it is possible to not only isolate it but also correctly direct it towards the people who come to them.
In physics , on the other hand, reflection is a phenomenon that takes place when a light that has an impact on a certain material is reflected. This means that the reflection implies a modification in the direction of said light, since it returns to its environment.
Not only light can be reflected: water waves and sound waves are also in a position to produce this physical phenomenon.
In the same way, we can also establish that reflection is a term that is used in the field of computing to refer to the capacity of a specific programming language that allows it not only to observe but also to carry out the modification of what which is its senior structure.
Among these languages ​​we find both C # and Python. They can thus find and also modify what the various existing source code constructs are. Specifically among them are protocols, code blocks or methods.
For the geometry finally reflection is to copy each of the dots forming a figure to move them to another position, maintaining equidistance functioning as a straight symmetry axis. At the end of the process, the result is an image that is identical to the first one (from which its points have been copied and transferred).

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