What is Referrer?

What Does Referrer Mean

Originating in the Latin word referens , the notion of referent serves to refer to the person or object that refers to or reflects a relationship to something . The term is usually used to name who stands out and is, therefore, an exponent or a symbol within a certain scope. For example: "Manu Ginobili is the maximum reference of Argentine basketball" , "The team needs a reference that can take charge of the pressure of the younger players" , "The murdered leader is a reference of the Turkish socialist party" .

If observed carefully, nature repeats in all its species a hierarchical structure that, as expected, consists minimally of two parts: one made up of the majority that follows the other, made up of few individuals (sometimes just one) that guide the rest. In man-made terms, herds of animals follow their leaders , worker bees work to feed and care for their queen, and people depend on the decisions of our governments.

But from our birth we submit to relationships where power reigns ; Our parents or guardians are the referents that we must imitate in order to learn to walk, eat, speak and interact with other living beings, as well as with the objects that surround us. The examples they give us are many and of very diverse characteristics, and confusing all their influences into a single group is one of the worst and first mistakes that human beings make.
A father who works responsibly and who uses his money to provide comforts and opportunities for his family (without going into the particular details) can be a good reference for his children as to how to take care of their obligations; However, if that same man supports the mistreatment of animals, or makes fun of people who have very obvious physical defects, or if he despises individuals of other races, then that aspect should not serve as a reference .
Outside the family environment, adolescents often look for references in famous people , especially in musicians and athletes. Again, if they focused purely on the professional aspect of the stars, there would be no problem taking them as examples to follow. However, fanaticism causes the ability to distinguish between the human being and the icon to be clouded, which generates an indiscriminate and dangerous worship, turning idols into absolute references.
In the field of semiotics , on the other hand, it is known as a reference to one of the elements that make up the sign based on the concrete and real object to which it refers. The referent of the tree sign, to cite a specific case, is the physical element made up of the trunk, branches, leaves, etc.

The signs are made up of meaning , signifier and referent . Some signs, however, lack linguistic meaning, such as proper names. The name "Carlos" does not refer to a single person or an invariable subject, but there are many individuals with the same name.
Charles Sanders Peirce defines the linguistic sign as a three-sided entity. The signifier is the material support (captured by the senses), the signified is the mental image (the abstraction of the sign) and the referent is the real object .
Peirce classifies signs in different ways according to their relationship with the referent. When the sign shares some similarity or analogy with its referent, it is referred to as an icon (a statue can be an icon that represents a personality).
If the sign has a direct relationship with the referent, it is classified as an index . A stain on the ceiling, for example, can be a humidity index.
A symbol , finally, is a sign that has an arbitrary or conventional relationship with its referent, as written or spoken words.

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