What is referee?

What Does referee Mean

In order to understand the meaning of the term arbiter, we have to previously establish what its etymological origin is. In this case, it can be said that it derives from Latin, more specifically from the noun “arbiter”, which can be translated as “judge”.

The first meaning mentioned in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) of the term referee refers to the individual who has the power to make certain decisions for himself , without depending on another subject.
In the field of law , an arbitrator is an authority who, chosen or accepted by the parties to a dispute, is responsible for resolving a conflict . The arbitrator must be impartial and issue his decision according to legal or fairness criteria.

Typically, the parties decide to submit to an arbitrator to resolve the problem more quickly. If, instead, they resort to legal process, the litigation is likely to drag on much longer in time until a court or judge rules on it.
In the field of sport , a referee is a person whose task is to apply the regulations while a match or test is taking place, punishing offenders and validating the results. Depending on the discipline, there may be more than one referee in each match.
If we focus on soccer , we will find a main referee who is supported by two assistant referees (also called linesmen ). Off the field, a fourth official also performs certain tasks, in addition to being available to replace the head referee in case of injury.
A football referee should call, for example, a penalty kick for a team if an outfield player from the opposing team intentionally touches the ball with his hand in the defending area.
That referee will not only whistle fouls or penalties, for example, but will also use the cards to be able to sanction the players. When it comes to a lack of certain consistency, he will take the yellow and if the player accumulates two, he will have to directly take the red. This, which can be used when a very serious event occurs, will mean immediate expulsion from the field of play. A situation that will make the soccer team have to continue in the competition with one less player.
It is considered that any person who wants to perform the work of referee must have a series of essential characteristics:

-He must be intelligent, among other things, to be able to make decisions in the most fair and appropriate way at all times.

-It is essential that you be tolerant, capable of listening to the opinions of both parties.

-No less relevant is that it has to be a person with tempered nerves. This means that you will remain calm at all times, whether when you receive criticism or comments from the players or when you hear the expletives that rude spectators may throw at you.

-Must be professional. This means that you not only need to know the regulation to the millimeter but it is also essential that you know how to apply it. Of course, you should never be influenced by the environment or be carried away by your sporting preferences and tastes when it comes to benefiting or harming a team.

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