What is receptacle?

What Does receptacle Mean

The etymology of receptacle refers us to the Latin language , more precisely to the word receptacŭlum . This word is the result of the sum of two clearly differentiated parts of the language: the verb "receptare", which can be translated as "receive" or "collect", and the suffix "-culum", which is used to refer to a medium or instrument.

The concept is used to name the hole or concavity that serves to contain some type of substance or element.
For example: "The lights are hidden in a receptacle for aesthetic reasons" , "The shower receptacle was built with marble" , "I cannot open the receptacle to change the battery, could you help me?" .

A receptacle, in a sense, can be any surface or space that allows you to store something. A car trunk receptacle is the place where a person can store their bags when they go on a trip, to name one possibility. A piece of furniture, on the other hand, can have several receptacles to deposit different objects.
Within the field of decoration and construction, the term in question is also frequently used. Thus, it is common for it to be used to refer to the set of elements that can be used to house various products, objects or articles. Specifically, we can determine that they are receptacles from what is the shower hole to the basket that is used to place dirty clothes through the holes that are free in a room and that are going to be used to shape a built-in closet .
Within the field of botany , the receptacle is the sector of the peduncle that, thanks to its widening, allows the insertion of the calyx, the corolla and other parts of the flowers . The concept is used synonymously with thalamus.
The shape of this receptacle varies according to the position of the ovary . Therefore, it is possible to find receptacles of different characteristics.
Likewise, regarding this kind of receptacle, we cannot forget another important series of data, such as these:

-It can be of various types depending, for example, the form they adopt. Thus, it is the case that there are conical ones.

-As a general rule, it is usually flat. However, that does not prevent it from being cup or concave. It is even more sometimes it appears with the appearance of a tube.
The idea of ​​a receptacle can also be used symbolically. A journalist can affirm that Lionel Messi is the “receptacle of illusion” of the Argentine supporters since they trust that this footballer, with his good performances, will allow the selected one to be consecrated in the World Championship or in another tournament. The Argentines, therefore, pin their hopes of sporting success on Messi .

In addition to all the above, we cannot overlook either that receptacle, although it is now in disuse, it has been used over the years as a synonym for refuge, asylum or even reception.

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