What is rebound?

What Does rebound Mean

Bounce is the action and result of bouncing . This verb can make mention of bouncing ( sting ) a balloon or another body on a surface or what leads to something moving to change its direction by impact against an obstacle.

For example: “The Argentine striker controlled the ball after the rebound off the post and managed to score the fourth goal for his team” , “The man fell from the fifth floor and, after a rebound against a stonemason, ended up in the middle of the calle ” , “ Pau Gasol finished the game with 28 points and 14 rebounds ” .
In the field of basketball , the concept of rebound is very important. A rebound occurs when the ball hits the ring or the backboard , leaving the players of both teams in dispute. The player who manages to catch the ball at that moment, therefore, wins the rebound.

Within this sports field, we can say that there are basically two types of rebounds:

-Offensive, which are those that a player manages to recover for his team when he is attacking, which means that the ball does not change possession.

-Defenses, which are those that occur when the team that is defending achieves possession after the rival fails the shot to the basket that he has made.
Rebounds are usually in the hands of taller players, although jumping ability and sense of direction are also important. Rebounds, as well as points , assists, steals and other actions, are recorded in the statistics .
Within basketball games, the number of rebounds that each team has achieved play a fundamental role in victory. This is precisely why the role of specialized players in this task has been praised. Specifically, among the best in that sense in the history of the aforementioned sport, we can highlight the following:

-Bill Russell (1934), who achieved an average total of 20 rebounds per game. He won the gold medal with the United States at the Melbourne Olympics (1956) and was a player for the Boston Celtics.

-Wilt Chamberlain (1936-1999). He played in the ranks of the Los Angeles Lakers and San Francisco Warriors and is considered one of the 50 best players in the history of the NBA. He has the record of being the one with the most rebounds in a season, 2149, and the one with the most rebounds in a single game, 55.

-Bob Pettit (1932). Along with the previous two, he is on the podium of the three best rebounders of all time. He played for the Milwaukee Hawks and the St. Louis Hawks, where he averaged 16.2 rebounds per game.
It is known as the rebound effect , on the other hand, what happens when there is a reaction contrary to what one expects or what a certain action should produce. If a person follows a certain diet to lose weight, loses five kilograms and, at the end of the diet, ends up gaining ten kilos, there will have been a rebound effect.

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