What is reassignment?

What Does reassignment Mean

Neither the idea of reassignment nor the verb reassign are part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ). Instead, the term assign appears , which refers to granting what is incumbent on or belongs to something or someone .

It is easy to understand, therefore, that reassignment refers to reassigning something . For example: "We are going to give up resources in a different way to gain efficiency" , "The authorities announced that they are working on the reallocation of radioelectric space with the aim of reducing interference" , "The reallocation of homes will take place next week ” .

The concept of sex reassignment refers to a surgical intervention that allows to modify the biological genitality of a human being to turn it into a genitality according to the gender with which the subject feels identified. This means that the naturally assigned gender is reassigned through a medical procedure.
Let us suppose that a person who is born with a masculine gender always felt like a woman . After consulting psychologists and other specialists, you make the decision to undergo a sex reassignment. In this way, when the process is finished, it will have genitalia typical of a woman, losing what biology had assigned to it.
Sex reassignment surgery is the exact name of this intervention that is usually performed on people in cases of intersexuality, which is when there is a discrepancy between sex and genitalia, and also on transsexuals who want to complete their sex change in a definitive way.
It is also known as genital reassignment surgery and in order to be carried out, a series of aspects must be taken into account such as these:

-There are doctors who refuse to carry it out in patients who have hepatitis C or HIV.

-It is important to know that there are patients who undergo this intervention presenting more risks of complications arising because they have obesity, diabetes or problems in what is coagulation. Hence, extreme attention and care must be taken in their operation and also in the postoperative period, since they may suffer difficulties with respect to anesthesia and even with their recovery.

-The first case of this type of intervention was carried out in 1930 with a man who became a woman as a patient: Dora-R.

-In order to undergo this operation, the person in question must meet the following requirements: be of legal age, have a certificate issued by a psychiatrist that rules out any type of temporary psychological alteration ...
Among the curiosities or data of interest that exist around it is that at the moment, Thailand is considered to be the country in the world where more sex reassignment surgeries are performed. And behind that nation is that of Iran.

The notion of spectrum reallocation , on the other hand, is linked to the management carried out by the radioelectric space authorities. This spectrum is finite: it can only accommodate a certain number of stations. That is why the spaces are assigned by law . In the event that changes are decided, the aforementioned reassignment will occur.

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