What is racquetball?

What Does racquetball Mean

The term racquetball , which can also be written as racquetball (with an accent on A ) as indicated by the Royal Spanish Academy ( RAE ) in its dictionary, comes from the English word racquetball . It is a sport that is played using a racket with a short handle.

With characteristics similar to those of squash , racquetball includes individual matches (one player faces another) and doubles (one pair plays against another). The objective is to ensure that the opponent does not manage to return the ball properly according to the regulations.
Racquetball games are played on enclosed courts with a roof and four walls. Each player, using his racket, must hit a rubber ball and make it reach the front wall (known as the front wall ).

Once hit, the ball cannot touch the ground before hitting the front wall. Then, she can bounce only once on the ground before she is propelled toward the front wall by the opponent. It should be noted that both the side walls and the roof are part of the playing field .
The surface on which racquetball is played is made of wood . Its color has to be clear so that the ball can be easily detected by the players. The ceiling and the walls, meanwhile, are flat.
Every racquetball player, on the other hand, uses a racket to hit the ball. Glasses are used to protect eyesight , while many athletes also use gloves to avoid blisters on the hand.
In the World Racquetball Championship that was played in 2018 , the Mexican Rodrigo Montoya became champion in men's singles, while the Guatemalan Ana Gabriela Martínez won the women's category. In doubles, the winners were the Mexicans Daniel de la Rosa and Álvaro Beltran and the Bolivian Yasmine Sabja and Valeria Centellas . The accumulated score per team, finally, left Mexico as the winner.

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