What is rachis?

What Does rachis Mean

Spine is a concept that derives from the Greek and that, in the field of anatomy , is used as a synonym for the vertebral column . The spine, in this sense, is the structure formed by bones, cartilage and fibers that is found in the midline of vertebrates.

In the case of humans , the spine extends from the head to the pelvis , allowing the individual to stand up and perform various movements. The spine has thirty-three vertebrae that articulate with each other and extend for about 75 centimeters in the body of an adult.
Specifically, all these vertebrae are distributed from the different areas or curvatures into which the spine or spine is divided:

-Cervical curvature, made up of seven cervical vertebrae.

-Dorsal curvature, in which there are twelve dorsal vertebrae.

-Lumbar curvature, where the lumbar vertebrae are located.

-Sacra curvature, which is identified because it does not have mobility.

Maintaining the center of gravity, protecting the spinal cord, and supporting the skeleton are the main functions of the spine. Damage to the spinal column, therefore, can have very serious consequences, since this structure plays a very important role in the body.
Various are the diseases and problems that affect the spine. However, among the most frequent these two can be highlighted:

-Scoliosis, which consists of a lateral deviation of the spine and which can be corrected if it is discovered in time.

-Lumbar hyperlordosis. Under this complex name is a considerable increase in lumbar curvature. When it appears in childhood, it is the result of children being able to adopt incorrect postures. And that also happens in adults, although in this case it may also be due to other situations, such as excessive use of heels, trauma of some kind, overexertion ...
In order to avoid having to face certain problems in the spine, it is recommended to anyone who chooses to undertake actions that become notable preventive measures. Specifically, it will be established that one of those and one of the most effective is the practice of exercise.
Thus, through sports, it is considered that any person will significantly improve in aspects such as balance, muscle power, work of breathing, posture and even flexibility. Aspects all those that are worked in an ideal way in disciplines such as swimming.
The rachis, on the other hand, can be the axial sector of feathers, spikes and other structures of living beings. It is the part that acts as the axis and that favors the development of the structure in question.
If we focus on the feathers, the rachis is the stem that is inserted into the skin of the bird. The hollow sector that enters the body is known as a calamus . When another branch, similar to a feather but smaller, arises from the calamus, this structure is called the hiporraquis . The feather is completed with beards , also called fringes .

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