What is pyrosis?

What Does pyrosis Mean

In the Greek is where the etymological origin of heartburn is found. Specifically, it derives from “pyrosis”, which can be translated as “burn” and which, in turn, is the result of the sum of the verb “pyroun”, which is synonymous with “burn”, and the suffix “-osis”. This is used to indicate a pathological type process.

The concept of heartburn is used to name the discomfort that is felt when noticing a burning that is registered between the pharynx and the stomach.
Hiatal hernia, the ingestion of drugs that irritate the gastric mucosa, such as aspirin, and even esophageal-type spasms are other causes that can lead to heartburn.
The sensation of excessive heat can appear along with the secretion of saliva and an accumulation of gases. Also known as heartburn , heartburn occurs when a person regurgitates stomach acid .

The aforementioned burning in the chest, difficulty swallowing, a high frequency of rashes or even acid tastes in the mouth are some of the symptoms of heartburn.
Typically, stomach acid does not come into contact with the esophagus. However, when the esophageal sphincter relaxes when swallowing, it is likely that what had passed into the stomach will return to the esophagus, now mixed with the acid . This action is called reflux.
In a healthy functioning body , peristalsis is responsible for controlling reflux while saliva helps neutralize acid. However, with a hiatal hernia or other disorders, heartburn can make its appearance.
There are many ways to combat heartburn. Among the drugs that a doctor can prescribe are so-called proton pump inhibitors, certain antihistamines and, of course, antacids.
Diet control is also important, since some foods have a higher incidence in the appearance of reflux and heartburn. Drinking a large amount of water can be helpful as it helps dilute the acids in the stomach.
In addition to the advice given, it is also important to follow another series of recommendations to avoid heartburn:

-Do not drink citrus fruits or drinks such as coffee because they stimulate the secretion of stomach acids.

-It is also advisable not to wear tight clothing.

-In the same way, it is advisable to have dinner at least two or three hours before going to sleep.

-If you are overweight, you also have to lose a few kilos because they favor this problem that concerns us.
It is likely that, when faced with heartburn, the doctor will suggest conducting various studies that rule out the presence of other illnesses. Endoscopy (with a biopsy of tissue from the esophagus), manometry, and X-rays of the upper digestive tract are some of the possibilities.
During pregnancy it is common for many women to suffer from heartburn. Hence, among other things, you must choose to avoid highly spicy foods and eat large meals. All this without overlooking the fact that it is also necessary to maintain good hydration during the day, drinking water or natural juices periodically.

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