What is pyrite?

What Does pyrite Mean

The pyrite is a mineral comprising iron sulfide . This means that it is an inorganic substance that combines the salt of hydrogen sulfide (sulfur) with the metallic chemical element of atomic number 26 (iron).

It is interesting to know that the etymological origin of the term pyrite in question is found in the Greek. Specifically, it derives from the noun “pyros”, which can be translated as “fire” as well as “passion” and “ardor”.
With a yellowish hue and characterized by its brilliance, pyrite resembles gold . Its name is due to the fact that this material generates sparks when it rubs against metal.
Due to its high percentage of sulfur, pyrite is used to obtain sulfuric acid . This process begins by heating the pyrite so that sulfur dioxide is released, which is then artificially converted into sulfur trioxide. When water is incorporated into sulfur trioxide, sulfuric acid is obtained, which is widely used as a fertilizer .

Pyrite, besides sulfur and iron , of copper, called copper pyrite , copper pyrite or chalcopyrite . It is classified as the most important copper ore, since it presents a quantity of this chemical element that justifies its extraction and its use with a high economic yield.
Pyrite deposits exist in Spain, Italy, the United States, Peru, Romania, Australia, Bulgaria or China, which have become the most important in the world.
According to esoteric or new age beliefs , on the other hand, pyrite is a stone that serves as a protection, eliminating negative energies. It is also said to attract prosperity. Of course, there is no scientific evidence on these questions.
In the same way, pyrite is considered to help end stress and anxiety while improving self-esteem. In addition, it is believed that it can serve to increase memory capacity, increase self-confidence and eliminate melancholy pictures.
It is precisely established that in order to benefit from all these properties, it is advisable to wear pyrite as a pendant or talisman or to have it under the pillow of the bed in which you sleep.
Other data of interest about pyrite are the following:

-It is not recommended to be used in the construction field as it decomposes easily and oxidizing.

-It is also known by the name of sulfur pyrite or iron pyrite.

-In some corners of the world it is called cat's gold or fake gold because of its yellow color similar to gold.

-It is very easily altered, so it is recommended to store it and keep it in a dry environment.

-Can appear both in igneous and sedimentary areas.
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