What is pucker?

What Does pucker Mean

In French is where the etymological origin of the word frown is found. Specifically, we can state that it is a verb that derives from “froncir”, which can be translated as “twist” and “wrinkle”. A verb that, in turn, emanates from the Germanic "wrankjam", which has the same meanings.

The action may refer to twitching the forehead and drawing the eyebrows together as a sign of anger or disgust, often referred to as a frown.
For example: "I know you are going to frown when you find out what your son did ..." , "The man could not help frowning when listening to his neighbor, although he tried to hide his discomfort" , "With your attitude, you make me frown several times a day . "
Among the synonyms for puckering we can find words such as wrinkle, fold, curl, shrink or fold. On the contrary, among its antonyms there are terms such as smoothing, stretching, unfolding or unfolding.

Frowning can also be linked to wrinkling or squeezing other organs or parts of the body as a response to a stimulus: "The intense fragrance made me wrinkle my nose" , "The specialist assured that, when a person lies, pursing the lips is a gesture frequent " , " Young people today tend to purse their mouths to pose for photos . "
The act of gathering can also refer to picking up a fabric, wrinkling it . The effect that occurs when the material gathers can be deliberately sought with an aesthetic intention, or be an unwanted consequence of some type of defect or inconvenience.
Gathering a curtain , to cite one case, can be a voluntary decision to decorate a room. With a bow, bow, or other accessory , you can gather the curtain and make it look more elegant.
On the other hand, a shirt can be accidentally gathered according to how the person puts on the garment or according to the movements and body postures. Since a shirt is expected to be wrinkle free, in this case puckering is undesirable.
Both a curtain and any fabric you want can be gathered. And this is something that can be done by hand or with the sewing machine. In this case, it must be taken into account that there are several types of gathering such as double stitching, automatic, gathering with elastic thread, gathering with presser foot ...
As a general rule, gathers are usually made not only for curtains but also for curly skirts, to create ruffles on the cushions, to give volume to certain cuffs of shirts or blouses, for bodysuits and even for what is to embed a sleeve.
Likewise, it is interesting to know that once the gathering has been carried out, it is necessary to proceed to fix it and for that, what must be done is to use a piece of smooth fabric. To achieve the latter you have to have precision and care. That without forgetting that you will have to use the iron to be able to secure that sewing work done.

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