What is psychodrama?

What Does psychodrama Mean

Austrian Sigmund Freud was the creator of psychoanalysis , a methodology developed to study and treat disorders of the mind. This doctrine places in the unconscious the reasons that produce psychic problems: these causes, therefore, are not accessible to the person, but they can be detected by a psychoanalyst through therapy .

It is known as psychodrama to the technique of psychoanalysis that is to make patients represent dramatic scenes linked to mental disorders . Typically, these representations are developed as part of a group therapy, although there are also those who apply psychodrama in individual therapies.

Many professionals are totally committed to psychodrama when treating certain patients. And it is that they consider that it brings with it a significant number of advantages, such as these:

-It achieves that, when dramatizing and staging specific situations, the expert not only receives information from the patient's words but also from their gestures, their bodily attitude ...

-It is also relevant the fact that this method not only serves to know the present of the person in question but also his past and even, in certain nuances, his future.

-It allows to perceive the relationship that the patient maintains with different people in his family and environment in general.

-Gives the opportunity to know the emotions and feelings of the person who "plays".

-Sometimes, representing a specific event helps the patient to "fall apart" and to be able to show, in words or gestures, everything that he had kept hidden up to now.
Depression, anxiety, stress, and even certain phobias can be treated through psychodrama, which can be developed through various methods. Specifically, among the most common techniques are the monologue, role-play, the mirror technique, role changes or even projection into the future.
Self-esteem problems, coping with the loss of a loved one, the so-called social phobia or obsessive-compulsive disorders can also be treated through these representations, which are usually carried out twice a week.
Jacob L. Moreno ( 1898 - 1974 ), a psychiatrist born in Romania , raised in Austria and settled in the United States , is singled out as the father of psychodrama. Through psychodrama, Moreno maintains that one goes from verbal performance to action , ensuring that the patient is not isolated but is treated within a group.
What allows psychotherapy is that the treatment is developed from the intervention of various therapeutic actors. The patient no longer limits himself to talking about his problems : he also represents them on a stage. This makes it possible to explore various aspects of the pathological conflict that would not otherwise emerge.

Psychoanalysts who promote psychodrama argue that the technique allows the person to understand their emotions in greater depth and to rehearse different responses to the problem. In this way you can develop learning that enables you to assume a different role.

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