What is PSD?

What Does PSD Mean

PSD is an acronym that can come from various expressions. In the field of computing , it refers to PhotoShop Document : that is, PhotoShop Document .

It is known as PSD to the standard format of the program Adobe Photoshop . The extension of this type of file is .psd .
It should be remembered that Adobe Photoshop is a software created by the American company Adobe Inc. , formerly known as Adobe Systems Incorporated . It is a tool for editing raster graphics that is often used when retouching photographs.

Adobe Photoshop doesn't just work with PSD documents . It also allows you to edit other types of images such as JPG , GIF , PNG and BMP .
PSD , on the other hand, can refer to Power Spectral Density (or, in our language, Power Spectral Density ). This mathematical function reflects how the power of a signal is distributed at the various frequencies of which it is composed.
In the field of politics , meanwhile, we can find different groups identified with this acronym that are recognized as part of the Democratic Socialist Party or the Social Democratic Party . One of them is the Social Democratic Party ( PSD ) of Brazil , founded in 2011 by Gilberto Kassab and other leaders.
Several PSDs have already ceased to exist. In Argentina , the Democratic Socialist Party ( PSD ) emerged in 1959 after a split from the Socialist Party and was in force until 2002 , when the Socialist Party was reunited. Chile also had a Democratic Socialist Party ( PSD ) between 1959 and 1960 , developed from dissidents in the Socialist Party .
Finally, the person with a disability is mentioned as PSD . This is the name of the individual who has certain physical or mental conditions and who suffers from problems when encountering environmental or contextual bars that hinder their active participation in society.

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