What is prude?

What Does prude Mean

The origin of the term prudish is very unique. In this case, we have to underline that it is the result of the union of two lexical components:

-The word “mojo”, which derives from the onomatopoeia “meow”.

-The noun "cat" comes from the Latin "cattus", which can be translated as "cat".

The notion of prude refers to someone who shows excessive or excessive moral misgivings . The prudish individual is scandalized by the behaviors and attitudes of most people, presenting himself as a bastion of good manners and what is "right . "
Among the words that can work as synonyms for prudish we have to highlight some such as hypocrite, blessed, demure, sanctimonious, puritan, prim, meapilas, santón, nñoño or prudish.
A prude exaggerates in his self-control and deprives himself of all kinds of pleasures . In addition, in general, he does not express his true feelings, desires and emotions since he tries to keep an impeccable facade.

We can find an archetype of a prude in Ned Flanders , the character from The Simpsons , who bases his actions on what his religion (or his interpretation of it) marks him as acceptable. It is someone who defines each of his steps according to what is written in the Bible and who even communicates with his religious leader ( Reverend Alegría or Lovejoy ) to seek his approval in everyday or insignificant decisions.
Precisely in the series 'Sex in New York', starring four women, there is one of them who draws attention for being prudish compared to the attitudes and sexual relationships of her friends. That is Charlotte York, who is played by actress Kristin Davis, as she is committed to a traditional life.
Take the case of three girls who go out dancing. While two have fun moving non-judgmentally to the beat of the music , the third stands still in a corner thinking that dancing is inappropriate for a lady. Faced with this situation, the young woman who does not dance could be classified as prudish.
It is important to mention that this adjective is often used in a derogatory way. The subject designated as prudish may not consider himself that way; on the contrary, you may claim that you are doing the right thing from a moral or religious point of view.
In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that there is a play that bears the term we are dealing with in its title. We are referring to "Los prudes", which is performed by the Spanish actors Gabino Diego and Cecilia Solaguren.
The actress Magüi Mira is the director of this play, which is an adaptation of a comedy about the movement called “Me Too” that is written by the English author Anthony Neilson. Specifically, through it, we want to raise the reason for this aforementioned movement through the evolution that society has had over time in terms of relations between men and women.

It is at the Teatro Bellas Artes in Madrid that this play has been performed, which is especially fun and leads the viewer to reflect deeply.
La Mojigata , on the other hand, is the name of a murga founded in 1999 in Uruguay . This group presented more than a dozen albums and participated in numerous editions of the Uruguayan carnival.

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