What is provisional?

What Does provisional Mean

Provisional is an adjective that has its etymological origin in the Latin word provīsum . This, in turn, we can say that it is the supine of the verb “providere”, which means “to see in advance” and that it is made up of two different parts:

-The prefix “pro-”, which can be translated as “ahead” .

-The verb “videre”, which is synonymous with “see”.

It is synonymous with provisional , the term is used to refer to what is owned or carried out temporarily . This means that what is provisional is not definitive, conclusive or irreversible.
For example: "I am the temporary head of this office, until the owner of the company appoints a new manager" , "We are installed in a temporary place because the construction is not yet finished" , "We agreed on a provisional time for the meeting of next week, but then we'll see if we keep it or not . "

Suppose an accountant is fired from the company he works for. He is a professional with studies and extensive experience: that is why he aspires to get a well-paid job. However, because he needs to have an income, he agrees to work in a clothing store as a salesman. The accountant considers this activity as a temporary job until he finds a new position in which he can work as an accountant: that is, he does not plan to work permanently as a clothing salesman.
In the same way, we can also say that provisional is used within what is the scope of politics. In this case, for example, it is used to refer to the leader who, temporarily, may have a party until he holds his primary elections and chooses the one who will hold that position or until the "top" of the same dictates who the person is. who can best perform that position in favor of having the support of the citizens.
Of course, it should not be overlooked that there have also been governments that have had the same character. These have been governments that, for a short period of time, have been operating in a country until, after a tumultuous situation, normality could be restored through the establishment of a full-fledged government.
Throughout history there have been many cases of provisional governments, such as, for example, that of Russia in 1917 after the fall of tsarism, that of the Second Republic in Spain in 1931, that of the French Republic in 1944, that of Ireland in 1922 after achieving its independence or that of the Democratic Federal Yugoslavia, after the Second World War.
Another example of something temporary takes place after elections are held. After the vote to elect those who will occupy certain public positions, a provisional scrutiny is carried out with a first count of the votes. These results are not definitive, since the minutes must be reviewed, challenges defined, etc.

A temporary shelter , finally, is the site that finds a person to protect and shelter for a while. It may be the building that temporarily houses the victims of a flood, to name one possibility.

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