What is provisional?

What Does provisional Mean

Provisional is an adjective that refers to that which is carried out or possessed temporarily (that is, not permanent). The term is used as a synonym for provisional . For example: "I made a provisional arrangement so that the leak does not cause discomfort, but we have to call a specialist for the repair" , "The mayor announced that, provisionally, Francisco Palarroni will occupy the Secretary of Public Works" , "This The ban is just a provisional measure that will surely be lifted in a few months ” .

From this adjective, it is possible to create different concepts that are applied in different fields and contexts. Thus we find notions such as provisional liberty , which refers to the benefit that a defendant enjoys when he must not undergo preventive detention.

In certain judicial systems, it is considered that the person prosecuted for a criminal offense must remain in prison in a preventive manner to avoid the possibility of escape before a sentence is handed down . For various reasons, however, the defendant can access provisional release, awaiting trial outside the jail.
This is what is known as provisional detention or preventive detention and determines that the person accused or accused of a crime must remain in prison during the criminal investigation and the subsequent holding of the trial.
The possibility of escape, as we have mentioned, is one of the reasons for the decision to establish provisional detention for a person. However, other causes that lead to ruling the same measure are that there are notable indications of the guilt of the same with respect to the crime that is imputed or that there are risks that it may carry out the destruction of evidence and other documents that make it clear and patent his guilt. All this without forgetting that, on other occasions, the measure of their detention is taken to prevent them from causing harm to third parties.
Many are the countries that have included in their laws and constitutions the possibility of using provisional imprisonment, as would be the case of Spain or France, among others. However, in some it is considered that it is abused and not used.
It is known as provisional government , on the other hand, that which is constituted when the constitutionally elected authorities lose power and the current political regime collapses. In this context, new authorities are required to take over government management until a new Constitution is established.
An example of a provisional government is the one that Russia led in 1917 from the fall of Tsarism until the triumph of the Bolsheviks.
In Spain there have also been different cases of provisional governments throughout its history. Thus, for example, one took place during the period between 1868 and 1871, after the triumph of the so-called La Gloriosa Revolution, which ended the reign of Isabel II.

And there is also the provisional government of the Second Spanish Republic, during the year 1931, which undertook negotiations with the nationalists and the establishment of an agrarian reform project.

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