What is protection?

What Does protection Mean

Protection , from the Latin protectĭo , is the action and effect of protecting (protecting, defending or protecting something or someone). Protection is preventive care against a possible risk or problem. For example: "A mother should always give protection to her child" , "The threatened woman asked for police protection" , "If you are going to have sex with an occasional partner, do not forget to use protection" .

Protection can be physical (concrete) or symbolic (abstract). In the first case, we can name the equipment for individual protection such as helmets, masks, glasses, ear plugs, vests and gloves that are used in certain jobs or in the face of inclement weather : “In the company they gave me special boots such as protection, in case a box falls on my feet " , " To travel through snowy mountains it is recommended to wear sunglasses as protection against the reflection of rays " .

The most abstract protection, on the other hand, is given by a legal or regulatory framework. In this sense, consumer protection speaks of the existing mechanisms to guarantee respect for the rights of buyers and users.
In another sense, protection can be active or passive. The buildings implement a series of measures to protect against eventual fires. These measures are passive (such as the installation of stairs to facilitate the exit or the construction of wide corridors that avoid wasting time) and active (the availability of fire extinguishers).
Thus we find a great variety of types of protection. Among them I would highlight, for example, write protection. In the field of computing, the one that becomes the policy that determines what is the prohibition of formatting, copying or manipulation of information that is stored on any physical medium is developed.
This protection, in favor of the so-called computer security, can be achieved either through what is software or through hardware.
On the other hand, we also find copy protection that, as its name suggests, what it tries to do is prevent any information from having a duplicate. In this way, it is committed to safety. There are various types of devices that exist to achieve this objective, especially software such as StarForce or SecuROM.
Similarly, we cannot ignore what is known as civil protection. It is a system that each country has and that, made up of human and material resources, has the purpose of carrying out the protection and assistance of citizens in extremely serious cases such as catastrophes, fires, floods ...
Those systems are made up of various areas such as, for example, disaster support units that are identified by having a hierarchical organization, a perfectly planned action, are highly specialized and have a brand of self-sufficiency to develop their plans in favor of citizens who are in danger.

The data protection , finally, is the legal or computer system that guarantees the confidentiality of personal data when they are held by organizations, businesses or public administrations, or when circulating through Internet .

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