What is prostitution?

What Does prostitution Mean

Prostitution is a term that comes from the Latin prostitutĭo . It is the activity carried out by the person who charges to maintain intimate relationships with other individuals. Prostitution, therefore, consists of having sex in exchange for payment .
It is said that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. The activity is carried out by women and men , regardless of their sexual orientation. While the woman who prostitutes herself is known as a prostitute , the man is usually referred to as a taxiboy (if he sleeps with other men) or a gigolo (when he has sex with women).
In recent years, what has increased is a special type of prostitution, which responds to the name of luxury prostitution. Under that denomination is the activity of sex in exchange for a high amount of money. This service is hired by people with high purchasing power who bet, paying large sums, to maintain intimate relationships with very handsome women or men, elegantly dressed and with knowing how to be.
Much is the controversy that has arisen around this type of prostitution since a significant percentage of celebrities from the world of television, music or cinema have practiced prostitution of this type, due to the high amounts of money they earned for sexual encounters.
The exercise of prostitution has different regulations according to the country . In some cases, prostitution is considered a crime and both supply and consumption are punished. In others, only the activity of the pimp (the one who rules one or more women into prostitution) and the sexual offer on public roads are punishable . There are numerous cases, on the other hand, in which women are kidnapped and forced into prostitution, being victims of trafficking networks .
Prostitution always generates a great controversy around the world, because of what it implies in itself and because of the trafficking in women that is carried out because of it. However, it has also done so in recent years because, certain investigations, have discovered a series of really alarming data about said activity.
Thus, for example, in Spain it has become known that more and more young men are hiring the services of prostitutes. And it is that if before it was the married ones who most requested these women, now it is the young people. But not only that, it has also been revealed that more than 25% of men between 18 and 49 years of age openly admit to having had a sexual encounter with a prostitute.
Prostitutes offer their services in different ways. There are prostitutes who settle in certain corners or parks to be contacted by their clients. In other cases, the offer of prostitution is concentrated in a private place (such as a brothel , brothel or brothel ), attended by men who specifically wish to contract sexual services.
It should be noted that prostitution does not only imply having conventional sexual relations (with penetration), but it can also include various intimate practices such as oral sex or masturbation .

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