What is prosperity?

What Does prosperity Mean

Prosperity , from the Latin prosperitas , is success in what is undertaken, good luck in what happens or the favorable course of things. For example: "I toast to the prosperity of this young couple who decide to start a new path" , "It seems like a safe business, but nothing guarantees prosperity" , "This country should enjoy prosperity, but its leaders have left it in ruin ” .

Prosperity is often associated with economic wealth and an abundance of assets . The amount of wealth or money that can be considered abundant, however, is subjective; That is why prosperity can be defined as the material well-being that frees the person from economic distress .

A less materialistic view highlights that many people have wealth but not prosperity, since they do not feel lucky or believe in the favorable course of things. In fact, their financial concerns are not exhausted, since they spend their time thinking about investments, savings, etc. In other words, it is correct to say that prosperity consists of having what a person wants and needs for his life , whether in the material plan, in the spiritual plane or in both.
In summary, prosperity is not exclusive to people who have large sums of money and abundant material goods in their name, but responds to questions very specific to each one, which are related to their expectations and ambitions. On the other hand, an individual who cannot satisfy their basic needs is likely not to be able to feel prosperous, given that the lack of opportunities and means to manage themselves in a society can be translated as a violation of their human rights .
There are various methods and supposed secret steps to achieve prosperity in life, some of which are based on feng shui , an ancient Chinese system considered pseudoscience and focused on improving people's existence. Many interesting concepts and proposals emerge from this ancient legacy, although logically not everyone believes in its effectiveness and many place it at the same level as a scam.
However, without entering the realm of infallible steps, which to many may seem as reliable as the horoscope that is published in newspapers and magazines, feng shui suggests starting by rearranging our physical environment ; Regardless of our beliefs and ideas about energy and spirit, it is hard to deny the negative influence that a cluttered home or workplace can have on our daily lives.

For this reason, far from considering this initiative as a winning lottery ticket, surely putting a little order around us is a good way to start walking towards prosperity. But what can disorder mean and how can it affect us? For psychology, the conditions of our private space, be it our bedroom, our house or our desk, reflect our state of mind, our concerns and concerns; therefore, looking around us many times can help us discover things about ourselves.
The disorder we cause in our environment is not random, but well-defined patterns can be detected in it that try to convey something to us or, rather, through them we try to alert ourselves to something. In matters of the mind and emotional problems it cannot be generalized, since the same behavior can respond to two different situations in two people; For this reason, it is important that each one seeks to understand the hidden message in their own organization and, if necessary, modify them to achieve prosperity.

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