What is prosapia?

What Does prosapia Mean

The term prosapia , which has its etymological origin in the Latin language, refers to the lineage of an individual. The prosapia of a human being is given by his ancestry : that is, by his ancestors .

All people have ancestors , even when they don't know who they are: parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. In this sense, there is always a prosapia. However, the notion is generally used when that ancestry is aristocratic or illustrious .
For this reason, when it is said that someone is "of prosapia" or has a surname "of prosapia" , it is referring to their outstanding lineage. This implies that, in the upline, it is possible to find powerful or recognized personalities in your family .

Take the case of Eugenia de Chikoff (1919-2014). This Argentinian, a teacher of protocol and famous for teaching good manners on television, was the daughter of the Count of Chikoff , a Russian aristocrat. Thanks to the social and economic position of his relatives, he traveled to Germany , England and France to study and then returned to the Argentine territory. It can be said that Eugenia de Chikoff was a woman of prosapia.
In general, prosapia goes beyond money . If a man wins a million dollars in a television contest, to mention one possibility, that material wealth does not give his family group prosapia. On the contrary, a descendant of the nobility who is going through a bad financial situation continues to maintain the prosapia of his clan.
The prosapia, in short, is associated with the origin or the roots . In this way the construction of prosapia takes several generations and is linked to economic, social and cultural factors.

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