What is proficient?

What Does proficient Mean

From the Latin perītus , an expert is a person experienced, skilled or knowledgeable in a science or art . The expert is the expert in a certain subject who, thanks to his knowledge, acts as a source of consultation for the resolution of conflicts.

In a trial , judicial experts (who are appointed by the judge) and party experts (proposed by those involved) can be found. These experts bring their expertise on the matters in dispute.
The expert has higher education and provides information based on oath. This means that the expert does not make assumptions or provide his opinion, but explains a confusing or complex situation according to his studies. In this way, the judge receives information that provides reasons or arguments when issuing his ruling.

Specifically, the judicial expert we have to establish that not only must he have the official qualification that accredits him as an expert in a specific matter but also becomes a key figure in any judicial procedure in which it is required. Why? Because it will allow to clarify and prove certain aspects on which the sentence will depend notably and, therefore, the innocence or guilt of the accused in question.
Certain police officers specialized in a very specific area of ​​the investigation as well as forensic doctors become some of the most important experts in the trials.
Expert is also used as a synonym for technical engineer , an engineering professional . For example: “Juan graduated as an expert ten years ago and since then he has worked in a company in Seville” , “The manager told me that the intention is to hire another expert” .
Many are the experts of this type that exist. Thus, among the most frequent are agronomists, industrialists, foresters, computer scientists ...
The Perito Moreno Glacier , on the other hand, is located in the Argentine province of Santa Cruz , in Patagonia . It is considered one of the most important glaciers in the world for its great beauty, being surrounded by forests and mountains. The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the main tourist attractions in Argentina .
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