What is profession?

What Does profession Mean

Profession , from the Latin professĭo , is the action and effect of professing (exercising a trade , a science or an art ). The profession, therefore, is the job or work that someone exercises and for which they receive an economic reward . For example: “My father instilled in me a love for this profession” , “To dedicate yourself to this profession you have to try too hard” , “The veterinary profession was one of the engines of his life” .

In general, professions require specialized and formal knowledge, which is usually acquired after tertiary or university training. Trades, on the other hand, usually consist of informal activities or whose learning consists of doing. In some cases, however, the boundary between profession and trade is blurred.

There are professions that require teamwork and frequent meetings.
Classification of professions
One who exercises a profession is known as a professional . This person has completed studies and has a certificate or diploma that supports their competence to perform the job.
Also in the Spanish nation, it should be emphasized that a classification of occupations and professions is established. In this way, those are arranged in categories such as Armed Forces, Directorate of Public Administrations, Business Management, professions associated with what is a first-cycle university degree, professions related to second- and third-cycle university degrees, support technicians , administrative employees, restaurant service workers, shop assistants, agricultural or fishing workers ...
Professional intrusion
In addition to all this, it must be emphasized that there is another term that makes use of the word that we are dealing with now. It is about professional intrusion, which can become a crime and is defined as that circumstance in which a person, who is not authorized to carry out certain professional activities, performs them.
Medicine is a profession whose exercise requires the corresponding title and qualification.
Specifically, whoever carries out this crime meets two specific circumstances that determine it. On the one hand, the fact that it does not have the necessary qualification and on the other hand, that it is not part of the different professional associations, which are responsible for ensuring the interests of its members and regulating the exercise of the activities of those.

In the case of Spain, the aforementioned intrusion is classified as a crime in what is the Penal Code. Thus, whoever is convicted of him should know that, depending on the seriousness of his acts, he can be punished with fines and even imprisonment of up to two years.
The case of medicine, a specialized profession
An example of a profession is medicine , whose professionals are known as physicians or doctors. These experts attend university studies to specialize in the care and recovery of human health through the study, diagnosis and treatment of disease or injury.
It is essential that the doctor is a professional received at the university and that he has a diploma that supports it, since the patient's life depends on his work. If a person pretends to be a doctor and proposes a treatment or cure, he or she is committing a crime. This practice is known as the illegal practice of medicine.

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