What is probation?

What Does probation Mean

The probation is a judicial resource that is used for the resolution of a criminal situation . Also known as suspension of the trial trial , it allows the conflict between the parties to be terminated without the imprisonment of the accused.

The criminal process begins with an act (a crime ). When it is considered that this fact is not serious , probation can be used to restore social peace and harmony. Thus, the process is resolved with probation without the need to reach the hearings or the oral trial .
The suspect, with a probation, must abide by certain guidelines of conduct . Once this requirement and the suspension period have been fulfilled, the subject is detached from the court case.

Those who defend the probation mechanism emphasize that incarceration does not help to end conflicts, since the prison does not usually fulfill a function of social reintegration. Once the sentence is over and freedom is recovered, it is likely that the individual will re-offend the criminal practices.
To try to avoid this issue and streamline the operation of Justice , there is probation. The defendant is the one who must request the suspension of the trial trial , while the judge analyzes, in audience with the prosecutor, if he grants said benefit or if he rejects the request. It is important to bear in mind that, when requesting probation, the defendant has to make an offer to repair the damage , in addition to following the rules of conduct set by the judge.
If the probation is accepted and the person complies with everything that is required within the agreed period, the process comes to an end. Otherwise, the benefit is revoked and advances to the trial instance .

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