What is prize?

What Does prize Mean

From the Latin praemium , an award is a distinction , an award or a reward that is given to someone for some merit or service. Usually it is a compensation in recognition of an effort or an achievement .

For example: "The English singer received an award for his career and was applauded by thousands of people" , "Mario Vargas Llosa won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010" , "The authorities decided to award a prize to the child with the highest average among all the schools in the city ” , “ The poet refused to accept the award, in disagreement with the foreign policy of the United States ” .

In the art world , in all its forms, there are numerous competitions, many of which award prizes that boost the career of the winners; for example, some literary prizes consist of the publication of the selected work and a considerable financial reward to its author. In these cases, artists have a much greater incentive than that generated by the promise of public recognition, since (for many people) winning means obtaining the opportunity to produce new works without having to maintain other occupations.
Obtaining an award for a work of art, an invention or a performance is often incorrectly associated with the quality of the product or presentation; Many people believe that the winner of a singing contest, to cite one example, is the best singer of all who have appeared at the casting. However, the variables to take into account to award the first place to an artist are many, and some of them are drastically affected by circumstantial issues; in this case, the vocal health of the person plays a fundamental role in their performance, and it is not something easy to control.
For writers, awards represent one of the most effective ways to make their books known and to find the financial means to make writing their only occupation. In a world that tends to value film and music over books, it is very difficult for a literary artist to make himself respected and supported without having to do work unrelated to his passion; As if this were not enough, within literature there are genres not very appreciated by the masses, such as poetry, which adds a stone in the way of certain authors.
An award is also a compensation or an incentive that is given with the purchase of a product or the use of a service . An ice cream parlor can reward frequent customers who buy more than two kilos of ice cream per month with a bottle of champagne, while an electricity company can offer reward discounts to users who pay their bills without delay for more than twelve consecutive months.

In certain cases, prizes can be awarded through the intervention of chance . Raffles, raffles, pools and other types of games and contests offer cash prizes or products (such as televisions, cars, etc.): “Don't miss the great end-of-year raffle at Club El Progreso: we will raffle three stereos, a bicycle and a trip to the Iguazu Falls ” , “ My aunt won a motorcycle in a television contest ” .
Many companies resort to the type of contests that require the purchase of one of their products to enter, which strategically drives their sales and increases their popularity momentarily, provided that the prizes are tempting and that everything is accompanied by a smart and attractive advertising campaign.

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