What is preservative?

What Does preservative Mean

A condom , also called condom or prophylactic , is a coverage that is used in the penis during intercourse . Its purpose is to minimize the risk of contagion of certain diseases and reduce the possibility of pregnancy .
The condom, therefore, is part of the contraceptive methods . By covering the penis during intercourse with a heterosexual couple, the semen that is expelled during ejaculation does not enter the woman's vagina and fertilization does not occur. Due to its characteristics, the condom is also a protection mechanism against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
Most condoms are made of latex . Their elasticity allows them to adapt to the shape of the penis, although there are condoms of different sizes. There are also colored , textured and flavored condoms , among others.
The effectiveness of the condom as a contraceptive method and protection mechanism depends, to a large extent, on its proper placement . If placed improperly, semen can leak out and come into contact with the partner's body .
To be effective, the condom must be placed with the penis in an erect state and before it comes into contact with the partner . It should be placed on the tip of the glans and then unrolled to cover the entire penis. It is important to note that each condom can only be used once.
It should be noted that there are also female condoms , which are located inside the vagina and also cover the clitoris and vaginal lips. In the same way as the male, it prevents the sperm from reaching the ovum as a barrier and, therefore, serves to control birth .
In addition to reducing the chances of pregnancy, the female condom helps prevent certain infections that can spread during sex, such as contracting HIV. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that it does not usually work with the same effectiveness as the male version .
The material used to make the traditional female condom is called polyurethane and it is a thin and resistant plastic. There is a more modern and inexpensive model that uses a substance known as nitrile. Thanks to the presence of two rings , one at each end, the condom can be fixed inside the vagina as follows:
* The ring that remains inside the female organ covers the cervix and fits snugly;

* the other covers the vulva, so it is outside the vagina.
Resuming its effectiveness, it is estimated that its regular use offers successful results between 75% and 82% of the time , although this percentage can rise to 95% if it is used without making any mistake, that is, taking into account all the indications . Some of the reasons why the female condom may fail include the following:
* that there is a break in its surface, whether it has been defective from the factory or occurs during intercourse;

* not to be placed before the first penetration occurs;

* lack of consistency in its use (just stop using it once to tempt bad luck );

* spillage of the contents of the condom while it is being withdrawn from the vagina.
It is important to remember that the female condom, as well as the male one, can be purchased without the need for a prescription and that it is very accessible, although its price is higher than that of the male condom. In addition, it is not only available in pharmacies, but also sold in family planning clinics and those that treat sexually transmitted infections.

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