What is prescription?

What Does prescription Mean

The concept of recipe has its origin in the Latin recepta and has two broad meanings: on the one hand, it is used by doctors and patients to refer to the prescription of drugs and, on the other hand, in gastronomy it represents the steps to follow to reproduce a certain dish.

The medical prescription consists of an optional indication that the health professional leaves in writing as a record and reference for the acquisition of medicines. It is a standardized document that the doctor develops when he must recommend a remedy so that the patient can get it at a pharmacy. To prepare it, the professional has a legal authorization. The medical prescription, in this way, guarantees that the drugs included in the medicines are used only for therapeutic purposes.

In general, this class of prescriptions are structured in two parts: the first, which must be delivered to the pharmacist, is the body, while the second is the instruction leaflet for the patient , where the doctor describes how the drugs should be ingested. medications (how many hours, what is the maximum allowed per day, how to act against potential side effects, etc.).
As for cooking recipes , it can be said that they are those that explain what ingredients a meal includes and how it should be prepared. The recipes indicate the proper procedure so that the dish in question can be recreated with the same results. It can also provide tips for enhancing flavor, tips to avoid overcooking, and various ideas for the final presentation.
Cookery recipes are often collected in books and, nowadays, on Internet pages. It is also common for them to be transmitted from generation to generation at the family level.
Finally, it should be noted that the procedure is called a recipe that, in general, enables a person to achieve something: "My father believes he has the recipe for success in business . "
The 1000 faces of certain recipes
In countries that are very nationalistic and proud of their cuisine, such as Spain, it is very common that football is not the only topic of discussion and confrontation between the different regions. The struggle to make a certain recipe the patrimony of one or another province is as laughable as it is true .
Without a doubt, the case of paella is the most controversial. This dish, which has countless forms, enjoys international fame and many tourists visit the country seeking to taste the real one . However, this culinary delight turns out to be the specialty of Valencia, as well as that of Seville and Tarragona, to name some of the areas in which it is assured that its recipe is unsurpassed.

On the other hand, in countries like Argentina, where many cultures have coexisted for decades, the recipes inherited from immigrants have undergone various modifications with respect to the originals, either due to the natural loss of information that occurs when transmitting it by word of mouth , or because the foreign person did not know it perfectly when teaching it.
Given that this country has a large number of people from Italy and their descendants, pizzas, pasta and ice cream are three of the cases in which there are more inconsistencies between the European and Argentine versions.
Neapolitan pizza is one of those cases; In Argentina, it is known by that name to that which, apart from mozzarella cheese , presents tomato slices, which are lightly cooked on the end of the preparation. In Italy, although there are also different positions and versions, many defend that the real recipe has tomato sauce and basil, which is not a mere condiment but an essential part of said pizza.

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