What is prefiguration?

What Does prefiguration Mean

The etymology of prefiguration leads us to the Latin word praefiguratio . The term refers to a representation that is made in advance .

It can be said that foreshadowing is an idea that develops in advance about something. In some cases the foreshadowing is a kind of advancement , while in others it stands as a scheme or a forecast .
In the field of design , for example, a drawing can be constituted as a prefiguration. This prefiguration is a projection tool that contributes to the structuring of an element or a space.

In the realm of Christianity , the prefiguration of the Church is usually pointed out . In this sense, it is indicated that the Church is even prior to creation, since the universe was created by virtue of the Church. There is, then, a pre-existence of the Church according to this belief.
The foreshadowing also appears in the political context in the hands of anarchism and trade unionism . Specifically, a prefigurative politics is one that contemplates tactics and modes of organization that reflect what the future sought for the society in question is like.
Through this prefiguration, it is sought to anticipate characteristics of the new society that it is intended to build in the practices that are currently implemented. Beyond this particularity, it is important to clarify that prefigurative politics does not have a direct correlation with the methods that emerge from the political and socioeconomic system in force. What is intended, in short, is to prefigure a future egalitarian society with a current practice of direct democracy.

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