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What Does predator Mean

Before entering to determine the meaning of the term predator, it is necessary to make clear what its etymological origin is. In this sense, we would have to say that it emanates from Latin, more exactly from the word “depraedator”, which can be translated as “looter” and that it is made up of the following parts:

• The prefix “- ”, which indicates the direction of from top to bottom.

• The noun “praeda”, which can be translated as “prey”.

• The suffix “-tor”, which is equivalent to “agent”.

Predator is the adjective that refers to whoever predates . The verb predate , for its part, is linked to stealing and looting with violence or, in the case of animals, to the action of hunting specimens of another species for subsistence.

For example: "For zebras, the lion is a fearsome predator that can end their lives in a few seconds" , "The prosecutor assured that the accused acted as a predator: he entered the house, murdered the inhabitants and took all the valuables while destroying what did not interest him " , " The teacher asked us to prepare a poster with the main predators of the African savannah and their prey . "
For ecology , predation is a biological interaction in which the predator or predator hunts a prey to survive. An animal can be a predator of several different species and, in turn, be prey to others.
It should be noted that predation contributes to the balance of the ecosystem , since it allows controlling the number of individuals of the species. The uncontrolled reproduction of a species in the absence of a predator can alter the balance of the ecosystem in question.
Predator or Predator is the name of a creature invented for the science fiction genre in the field of cinema. It is identified because it aims to get people as if they were trophies and it first appeared on the big screen in 1987.
Jim and John Thomas were the creators of this being, who not only possesses energy weapons but also a great camouflage capacity that is what allows him to get all the prey he wants. Numerous are in the films that this type of creatures has appeared, being an example of this "Alien vs Predator" and even in the short "Batman Dead End".
Predator , on the other hand, is a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger that was released in 1987 and had several sequels. The predators, in the film, are extraterrestrial beings that hunt humans and other species. The story goes that this alien race has been in contact with humans since 14,000 years , when it arrived in Antarctica .

It should not be overlooked either that this type of fantastic creature has also made different forays into the world of comics. Thus, the specialized publisher Dark Horse has not hesitated to confront well-known characters such as Superman, Batman, Terminator or even Tarzan, without forgetting Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern or Aquaman.

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