What is prawn?

What Does prawn Mean

The Greek word kampḗ , which translates as "curvature" , derived in the vulgar Latin camba . This term , in turn, came to Italian as prawn (which can be translated as "leg" ).

In our language , a shrimp is called an invertebrate animal that is part of the arthropod group , more precisely of the subphylum of crustaceans . It is a species similar to the prawn , although smaller and without its grooves.
Analyzing this definition, we can access important information about prawns. They are invertebrate animals since they lack a backbone; being arthropods, on the other hand, their body is covered by a cuticle and presents bilateral symmetry, being formed by several segments. Prawns are also classified as crustaceans because they have a shell, two pairs of antennae and several appendages, in addition to breathing through gills.

Prawns can be mentioned as shellfish as they are edible. As they are similar to prawns and shrimp , the concept is often used in restaurants to refer to these species as well.
A typical recipe that is made with prawns is garlic prawns , a traditional dish from Spain . To prepare them, garlic is first fried in olive oil and then the peeled prawns are added. The grilled shrimp are also very popular.
Another of the best known recipes with these seafood is the shrimp salad , which is cooked with a base of legumes and vegetables. In general, it is eaten throughout the year, regardless of the temperature (note that salads tend to predominate in summer and spring, precisely because they are not hot dishes ).
This starter is easy to prepare, very tasty and nutritious. To prepare it we need the following ingredients: half a kilo of potatoes, a quarter kilo of prawns, two cans of tuna, one hundred grams of peas, mayonnaise and olives.
The first step to make the shrimp salad is to peel them and cook them in water with a little salt. The idea is that they become tender and lose their pink color to be white. At this point it is time to wash them with water of the time, without getting rid of the one we use for cooking, since in it we will cook the peas.
On the other hand, we must peel the potatoes , cut them into small cubes and cook them in another saucepan, adding a pinch of salt. When they are ready, we must let them cool and mix them with the peas and tuna (previously, drained). Finally, we put the mayonnaise to taste, the chopped olives and the prawns, and we take the salad to the refrigerator until it is time to serve it.

The Pineapple Shrimp Cocktail is another relatively easy recipe to make, as well as being very nutritious. This traditional dish is eaten mainly in summer and spring, usually as a starter. The ingredients are the following: half a kilo of prawns, half a pineapple, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, Tabasco sauce and brandy.
First, we must add the prawns in boiling water. When the water boils again, we remove them, drain them and submerge them in another container with water, a lot of ice and salt. After a while we must peel them and leave them under a sheet of kitchen paper. On the other hand, we peel the pineapple and cut it into cubes.
The sauce is prepared by adding a little brandy, ketchup, and tabasco to the mayonnaise. In a glass you should put the lettuce cut in julienne, the prawns, the pineapples and the pink sauce. It can be decorated with parsley.
In some regions, the idea of ​​shrimp is used in colloquial language to refer to the legs . “Poke the prawn” , on the other hand, refers to making a mistake. For example: “This morning I walked for several hours: my prawns hurt” , “With those prawns so as not to fall in love” , “Today I put the prawn at work and my boss scolded me” .

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