What is potus?

What Does potus Mean

Potus is a term that is used colloquially to name the plant whose scientific name is Epipremnum aureum . These specimens are part of the Araceae family group .

Pothos have heart-shaped leaves that are evergreen. Thanks to its aerial roots, it can climb a stake or tree branches.
Due to the scarce care it demands and its beauty, it is common for potus to be used as an ornamental plant in homes , offices and shops. It is important to mention that it can be grown indoors without problems.
One thing to keep in mind is that potus are toxic to dogs and cats. If a pet chews or eats parts of the plant, it can suffer from irritation of its tongue and palate to problems in the digestive system, such as vomiting.

Despite this risk for companion animals, potus can be very beneficial for all members of the family, including them, given its different properties. In particular, potus is known as a plant that has the ability to purify the air , removing certain toxic substances from its vicinity.
One of the poisons that potus can effectively kill is formaldehyde , which is usually found in rooms that have been recently painted or redecorated with new furniture. Therefore, putting a purifying plant in these places is an excellent decision so that aesthetic changes do not have negative health consequences .
And is that the presence of formaldehyde in a room in the house or in an office, where we spend much of the day breathing the air that is concentrated can cause highly negative effects on our health. This substance evaporates and inevitably enters our lungs, especially in cold weather, when we cannot open the windows, and among its worst consequences is cancer . This reason is enough to put a potus.
While some people do not appear to be affected by formaldehyde, others exhibit different negative symptoms from relatively long exposure to its toxicity, particularly if their air pollution level exceeds two parts per million. Problems it can cause include: irritation of the eyes, throat, and nose, with burning and itching; cough; wheezing when breathing; sickness; irritated skin.
Another benefit of potus is its action against carbon monoxide and benzene, which can limit the amount of oxygen in a poorly ventilated room. This plant frees the air of these substances and helps us breathe better. There is no protocol about the best place to place a potus, nor about the number of specimens that we can have in the same house: for example, there are those who buy one for each environment to make sure they have clean air in everything moment.

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