What is potion?

What Does potion Mean

Before entering fully into the establishment of the meaning of the term brew, it is necessary to know its etymological origin. In this case, we can determine that it derives from the French word "breuvage", which in turn comes from the Latin verb "bibere", which is synonymous with "drink".

It is a concept that refers to a drink made with ingredients that, in general, are not very pleasant to the taste.
For example: "What is that horrible concoction you are drinking?" , "The healer offered her a concoction that she did not hesitate to drink" , "The girl spat out the concoction and ran out of the store .
In its broadest sense, a concoction is a drink made up of several ingredients . A combination of juices (juices) of orange, grapefruit and peach, in this framework, can be called a concoction. Also a mixture of green tea and apple juice, or of cognac, tequila and mint liqueur.

The most common use of the notion, however, refers to a preparation whose ingredients can be unpleasant. Drinks with supposed magical or supernatural properties are also called concoction .
In a fantasy novel, a writer may refer to a "brew of immortality . " This drink, says the author, is produced by a sorcerer with shark blood , monkey hair, rose petals and holy water. The book tells that a villain tries to catch the wizard to steal his concoction, while the hero of the story assumes the mission of protecting the sorcerer and his concoction.
We precisely have to underline that in May 2017 a unique concoction was discovered. Specifically, archaeologists in Poland found a clay pot more than 1,000 years old inside a house. That container was in perfect condition and that allowed them to discover that there was a concoction inside.
Apparently the content of the vessel was a set of plants, among other elements, which, as they consider, could have served as an offering to the gods.
Many times the concoctions are drinks that healers make with herbs and other elements of nature for healing purposes. The so-called traditional or alternative medicine (as opposed to scientific or academic medicine) usually appeals to these preparations.
In the same way, within the musical field the term that we are now dealing with is also used. Specifically, we can emphasize that there is a group that bears the same in its name. We are referring to the rock band Strange Brew. She is originally from Mexico, has been in the music scene for more than 20 years and they have several record albums on the market such as "A son called rock and roll" or "It's never too late."
Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Rolling Stones or Black Sabbath are some of the musical references of the aforementioned group.

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