What is poster?

What Does poster Mean

Establishing the etymological origin of the term poster takes us to English, since it comes from the word “poster”, which is a sign that is placed on a pole. However, we cannot ignore that it, in turn, derives from Latin. Specifically, it is the result of the sum of two parts: “postis”, which is synonymous with “post”, and the suffix “-er”, which indicates “agent”.

Poster is a term that refers to a poster that is fixed on the wall . It is generally understood that the poster has no advertising purpose or that it has lost this property .
For example: “My son has a Lionel Messi poster on his bedroom wall” , “When I was a kid, the Rolling Stones posters covered the walls of my room” , “Where did you buy that poster? It is very nice ” .

The poster is usually considered as part of the decoration of an environment. Being an informal element, it is common for it to appear in the bedroom of a child or adolescent. In these cases, the posters (or posters ) are usually sheets of paper or cardboard that are attached to the wall with adhesive tape, thumbtacks or other mechanisms.
It is also possible that the poster is framed although, in this case, it is often referred to as a painting . What the frame allows is to acquire greater durability and a more formal appearance, so its use can be extended to other environments of the house beyond a youth bedroom.
Many are the companies around the world that have specialized in the creation and sale of posters. And it is that more and more people bet on this type of graphic documents to decorate the walls of their room or even the living room.
A high percentage of those choose to purchase some of the posters that have become the best-selling posters in history, such as the following:

• Rosie's “the auctioneer”, which has become a landmark in the United States and who comes to serve as an example of all women who during World War II sought work in factories.

• That of "Keep calm and carry on", which was used by the British government to maintain the mood of the population during the war cited in the previous poster.

• That of “Le Chat Noir”, which represents the emblem of the most important Paris cabaret of the 19th century.
It is common for the poster to reflect the interests and tastes of the person . In this way, there are posters of soccer players, singers, actors and other admired and idolized personalities. Another possibility is to find posters of commercial brands that also generate admiration or sympathy in many people, such as Coca Cola or Ferrari .
Finally, the posters can also be used in public spaces to spread a news, an event, etc. That is the case of the poster of a film about to be released or of a circus that is about to arrive in a city.
It should be noted that singers, fundamentally, increasingly go to posters as a claim to the release of a new album on the market. Thus, they not only launch those to publicize it but also use them as gifts for fans, as long as they are signed.

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