What is porch?

What Does porch Mean

This is the name of the covered place that is next to the facade of a building .
This word has its etymological origin in Catalan, specifically in “porxe”, which can be translated as “shed at the entrance of a building”. However, that term, in turn, comes from Latin. More exactly it comes from "porticus", which means "portico" and which emanates from the noun "porta", which is synonymous with "door".

The porch is a space that is closed in its upper sector and open to the side. It can be built on the side, in the back or in the front area of ​​a building, functioning as an annex to the interior environments.
In general, the porch is located next to the entrance , serving as an anteroom. These structures are common in homes, but they can also appear in other classes of buildings, such as different types of public buildings.

Because they are roofed, the porches have pillars or columns . Side openings, on the other hand, allow air circulation .
The porch, in short, is constituted as a transition area between the interior and exterior of the house. It is usually used to enjoy the outdoors but without leaving the property and without the direct impact of the sun or rain thanks to the roof. When entering the residence, meanwhile, the entrance porch allows the door to be opened under the shelter of the upper deck.
Specifically, among the different types of porch that a house can have, we can highlight the following:

-Closed porch, which is one that has glazing to protect from adverse weather conditions and that allows you to enjoy, however, some views spectacular. Glazing that can be opened or closed as desired at any time.

-Wooden porch, which, as its name suggests, is made entirely of wood.

-Pillar porch, which is identified by the columns that support it. It is of the neoclassical type.

-A comprehensive porch, which is one that is very common to find in homes in the United States and is characterized by the fact that it covers the entire house in question.

-Attached porch. This, as its name suggests, is manufactured to be attached to the house, so it is an extension of that. The usual thing is that it is made of wood, but it can also be made with aluminum, for example.

-Farmhouse porch, is one that only covers what is the entrance of the house.

-Porch with ladder, which is the one that has the particularity of including a ladder to access it and, therefore, to the house.
It is important not to confuse the notion of porch with Porsche . This term, written with an initial capital letter and with S after the R , names a car brand .
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