What is pond?

What Does pond Mean

A pond is a small body of water that can arise naturally or be developed by humans . In the first case, the water accumulates in a depression in a land without human intervention, while artificial ponds are created by people for a practical or ornamental purpose.

Natural ponds are usually formed with rainwater . When rainfall accumulates in a depressed area, the water is stored and thus the pond arises, which resembles a lagoon or a lake although its surface is more limited.
Although the depth of natural ponds is scarce and depends on weather conditions, it is common for different species of flora and fauna to live in them. Fish, insects, birds and amphibians can coexist in the ecosystem formed by the pond.

As for artificial ponds , they are often used as decoration in order to beautify a place or a landscape . Even in these cases fish can be raised, with tench and koi being highly chosen species thanks to their adaptation to stagnant water.
Man-made ponds , on the other hand, can be used for economic fish farming . Trout production, for example, takes place in ponds.
Another possibility that ponds offer is to collect water for irrigation . Thus it is possible to use them when developing agricultural activities or tasks related to gardening.

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