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What Does poncho Mean

A poncho is a traditional coat of America South . This garment , which can have different shapes (triangular, circular, square, etc.), has an opening in its central part for the person to insert their head; in this way, the poncho covers you from the shoulders to the waist or legs.

The poncho, in short, is a kind of blanket that, thanks to its central opening, can be attached to the body, while offering wide freedom of movement. The fabric of the poncho (which is usually made of wool) simply falls on the individual, who can easily reach his arms at the ends.
For example: “My aunt Lisa brought me a gift poncho from her trip to the north of Argentina” , “When I traveled to Peru, I was fascinated with the design of her ponchos” , “The folklore singer used to wear a Salteño poncho on her presentations ” .

It must be said that one of the women who managed to give this outerwear an international presence is, without a doubt, the Mexican singer Chavela Vargas (1919 - 2012). She specialized in ranchero music and was known because in her performances she always used to wear a poncho of different colors.
Ponchos were created by the aborigines of the Andean region and, over time, they were added to the clothing of the Creoles. In each country there is a traditional variety of poncho, made with different materials and styles. Although it is not currently a widely used garment in urban settings, the poncho is still very popular in rural regions.
Despite being considered a more typical garment of America, fashions and globalization have made it now set a trend throughout the world. Thus, in the latest collections of renowned designers have even the poncho as a magnificent piece to act as a complement in the coldest times.
It should not be overlooked either that in Venezuela that word is used with another meaning. Specifically, it is used as an adjective to indicate that a bird has a short tail or to underline that any garment is shorter than usual.
Among the expressions used making use of the term we are analyzing, stands out, for example, "stepping on someone's poncho." It is a colloquial verbal phrase that is used in Ecuador as a synonym for humiliating or leaving a person in a bad place.
There is also the phrase “lift the poncho” or “lift the poncho”. This, for its part, is frequently heard in countries like Uruguay or Argentina and it means rebelling against the reigning authority. An example would be the following: "You have to lift the poncho against the minister, because his measures are really abusive."
Poncho is also the name of an Argentine electronic music band formed by Javier Zuker , Fabián Picciano and Leandro Lopatín and of a product developed by Bayer CropScience for seed treatment and pest control in agriculture.

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