What is polysaccharides?

What Does polysaccharides Mean

The first step that must be taken to understand the meaning of the term polysaccharides is to know its etymological origin. This leads us to be clear that it is a word that derives from Greek, it is the result of the sum of three clearly delimited components:

-The prefix “poly-”, which is synonymous with “many”.

-The noun “sakkhar”, which can be translated as “sugar”.

-The suffix “-ido”, which is used to shape derivatives.

A polysaccharide is a polymer that is composed of an extensive succession of monosaccharides , linked together through glycosidic bonds . Polysaccharides can be included within the group of carbohydrates , which are also known as carbohydrates or carbohydrates .
These polysaccharides fulfill different functions in the body : they contribute to the development of organic structures, allow energy to be stored and act as a protection mechanism against certain phenomena, for example.

The cellulose is the most common polysaccharide and natural biomolecule is more present on the planet. It is part of the walls of plant-type cells , has relevance in the human diet (contributes to digestion) and is used in the production of paper, varnish, explosives and other products.
Another very important polysaccharide is chitin , which is present in the exoskeleton of various insects, in the cell walls of fungi and in the organs of certain animals. Chitin is used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, among others.
The glycogen (broad presence in the liver) and starch (which contributes more than seventy percent of the calories you eat the people all over the planet) are other prominent polysaccharides.
Within what are the polysaccharides of energy reserves in vegetables, the aforementioned starch must be highlighted, of which we can highlight the following hallmarks:

-It is a perfect mix between amylopectin and amylose.

-Amylose is a linear type polysaccharide that is made up of glucose units.

-Amylopectin, for its part, is a branched class polysaccharide.

-It is considered that it is the most important source of calories of how many the human being consumes.
Likewise, it should not be overlooked that starch is an element that brings with it a significant number of benefits for the human body, among which the following stand out:

-Improves in a forceful way what is insulin sensitivity.

-It is responsible for reducing blood glucose levels.

-Helps to improve intestinal health.

-It also becomes a perfect ally to lose weight, as it helps burn fat.

-It is also responsible for producing good fats.

It should be mentioned that, if the hydrolysis of the aforementioned glycosidic bonds that bind the monosaccharides develops , it is possible to achieve the decomposition of the polysaccharides, either in polymers of the same class but simpler, in disaccharides or even in various monosaccharides.

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